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A new wearable medical device can quickly alert a person if they are having cardiovascular trouble or if it's simply time to put on some skin moisturizer, reports a Northwestern University and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign study. Read more

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There is a real hype around 3D-printing. Three-dimensional objects are printed “upward” out of thermoplastic synthetics. The benefit in daily life is still questionable but the potential is great for industry, especially for medical technology. Read more

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Speakers of leading international companies and organisations present the latest developments in medical technology products, mechanic and electronic components and innovative raw materials. Read more


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Welcome at COMPAMED 2014!

COMPAMED is the leading international market place for the medical supplier industry and product development! We are looking forward to seeing you in Düsseldorf from
12-14 November 2014. Read more

Welcome! All important informations about COMPAMED.

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Press Release

From 2015 on, MEDICA and COMPAMED with new dates from Monday to Thursday

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3D Printers - Individual prothesis by mouse click
Read more

COMPAMED Video: 3D Laser Printing for Medical Technology

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology in Aachen, Germany, are developing various laser printing technologies that are used in medical technology. More videos


Current Interview

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Hassel talks about magnesium implants Read more

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Microfluidics: lab on a breathing chip

26/09/2014 - Human nasal epithelial cells, cultured on a microchip, react to air pollutants just like they would in the upper airway. read more

Smartgels are thicker than water

25/09/2014 - Transforming substances from liquids into gels plays an important role across many industries, including cosmetics, medicine, and energy. But the transformation process, called gelation, where manufacturers add chemical thickeners and either heat or cool the fluids to make them more viscous or elastic, is expensive and energy demanding. read more

Engineered proteins stick like glue even in water

23/09/2014 - Shellfish such as mussels and barnacles secrete very sticky proteins that help them cling to rocks or ship hulls, even underwater. Inspired by these natural adhesives, a team of MIT engineers has designed new materials that could be used to repair ships or help heal wounds and surgical incisions. read more

Magnetic resonance helps to detect and quantify fat in liver

18/09/2014 - Obesity and overweight affect more than half of the population. Excess weight causes important alterations in the organism, one of which affects liver function. The most reliable method for determining hepatic fat has been hepatic biopsy. But a study has shown that magnetic resonance is a good method - better still than hepatic biopsy - for detecting fats in the liver and for quantifying them. read more

Imaging identifies asymptomatic people at risk for stroke

17/09/2014 - Imaging can be a cost-effective way to identify people at risk for stroke who might benefit from aggressive intervention, according to a new modeling study. Stroke victims often undergo revascularization procedures to restore blood flow, but use of the procedures in asymptomatic patients is controversial. read more

Device developed for sepsis therapy

16/09/2014 - Things can go downhill fast when a patient has sepsis, a life-threatening condition in which bacteria or fungi multiply in a patient's blood - often too fast for antibiotics to help. A new device inspired by the human spleen and developed by a team at Harvard's Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering may radically transform the way doctors treat sepsis. read more

Nanotechnology aids in cooling electrons without external sources

12/09/2014 - A team of researchers has discovered a way to cool electrons to -228 °C without external means and at room temperature, an advancement that could enable electronic devices to function with very little energy. read more

Discovery paves the way for a new generation of chemotherapies

10/09/2014 - A new mechanism to inhibit proteasomes, protein complexes that are a target for cancer therapy, is the topic of an article published in the journal Chemistry & Biology. The first author of the study is Daniela Trivella, researcher at the Brazilian Biosciences National Laboratory at the Brazilian Center for Research in Energy and Materials (LNBio/CNPEM). read more

Peptoid nanosheets at the oil-water interface

05/09/2014 - Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)'s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have developed peptoid nanosheets - two-dimensional biomimetic materials with customizable properties - that self-assemble at an oil-water interface. read more

Nano-forests to reveal secrets of cells

04/09/2014 - Vertical nanowires could be used for detailed studies of what happens on the surface of cells. The findings are important for pharmaceuticals research, among other applications. A group of researchers from Lund University in Sweden have managed to make artificial cell membranes form across a large number of vertical nanowires, known as a 'nano-forest'. read more

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