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COMPAMED and MEDICA: 16 - 19 November 2015 +++ NEW: Show days from Monday to Thursday +++ Visitor registration / eTicketing online required!
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New show days 2015 Monday to Thursday
16 - 19 November 2015

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Top News

Researchers from Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF have developed a full body dermatological scanner intended to help doctors diagnose skin conditions in the future.

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Photo: Dermascanner; © Dirk Mahler/Fraunhofer IFF Top News Detecting skin cancer quickly

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Sometimes it's the little things in life that count. Such as when you lie as a patient in the ICU of a hospital and you are connected to a plurality of tubes. For us a reason to pick up the tube out of the shadows into the light and honor it with a special. Read our Special

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Final Press Release

MEDICA and COMPAMED 2014: Medical Device Technology Providers benefit from Strong International Response – Tailwinds for Export Business Read more

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Press Release

From 2015 on, MEDICA and COMPAMED with new dates from Monday to Thursday

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Tubes and company
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Nanorobots in the body: The future of medicine

Nanorobots inserted into the bloodstream that perform surgeries on their own? That’s still science fiction, but researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems... More videos

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Current interview

Steffen Tretbar about modular ultrasound platform The interview

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Automated counting of tumor cells in blood

06/05/2015 - Biological and medical scientists have been using flow cytometry to count cancer cells for the past 40 years. But the large instruments are expensive and can only be operated by trained personnel. By contrast the PoCyton cytometer developed by Fraunhofer researchers is cheap to produce, no bigger than a shoebox, and automated. read more

High-tech textiles – more than just clothes

30/04/2015 - High-tech textiles must fulfill a number of functions and meet many requirements. That is why the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC dedicated some major developing work to this most intriguing research area. read more

Reduction of heat conduction observed in flat silicon channels

29/04/2015 - The ability of materials to conduct heat is a concept that we are all familiar with. The story of thermal transport dates back to 1822 when French physicist Jean-Baptiste Joseph Fourier published his book "The Analytic Theory of Heat". He pointed out that the thermal conductivity, i.e., ratio of the heat flux to the temperature gradient is an intrinsic property of the material itself. read more

3-D printing is so last year: It's 4-D printing now

28/04/2015 - 4D printing is unfolding as technology that takes 3D printing to an entirely new level. read more

UV light robot to clean hospital rooms

24/04/2015 - Keeping hospital rooms clean is important to prevent the spread of infections from one patient to another. Surfaces in hospital rooms such as tray tables, bedrails, call buttons and grab bars can be reservoirs for bacteria such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), which can be difficult to treat, and in some cases, fatal. read more

Novel bio-based plastics from plant oils

23/04/2015 - Washington State University researchers have developed a new way to use plant oils like olive and linseed oil to create polyurethane, a plastic material used in everything from foam insulation panels to tires, hoses and sealants. read more

Happily ever after: Scientists arrange protein-nanoparticle marriage

22/04/2015 - Fastening protein-based medical treatments to nanoparticles isn't easy. With arduous chemistry, scientists can do it. But like a doomed marriage, the fragile binding that holds them together often separates. This problem, which has limited how doctors can use proteins to treat serious disease, may soon change. read more

Plastics: Technique could slash energy used in production

16/04/2015 - A new material developed at the University of Colorado Boulder could radically reduce the energy needed to produce a wide variety of plastic products, from grocery bags and cling wrap to replacement hips and bulletproof vests. read more

Graphene scientists develop ultrafast photodetectors

15/04/2015 - Scientists affiliated with Europe’s Graphene Flagship develop a photodetector that converts incident light into electrical signals on femtosecond timescales, enabling ultrafast operation speeds for electronic circuits in optical communications and various other applications. read more

Cardiac tissue grown on 'spider silk' substrate

14/04/2015 - Genetically engineered fibers of the protein spidroin, which is the construction material for spider webs, has proven to be a perfect substrate for cultivating heart tissue cells, MIPT researchers found. read more

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