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August Reuchlen GmbH
Junkersstr. 8
78532 Tuttlingen, Germany

Phone: +49 7461 9652-0
Fax: +49 7461 9652-50

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Product Categories
Surgical instruments and products 4 Products
Instruments for intervertebral disk surgery and laminectomy  
Instruments for the minimal-invasive surgery, MIS  
Instruments and apparatus for cardiac and thoracic surgery  
Neurosurgical instruments and equipment  
Wound retractors, rib spreaders, wound approximators  

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Garret, Cooley and Nitinol Dilators

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Materials we work with

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Besides Stainless Steel instruments, Reuchlen also produces Titanium-, Nitinol- and Peak-instruments.

Don't hesitate asking us about it at our booth.

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Reuchlen mainly produces atraumatic clamps. The jaws of the atraumatic clamps have a special toothing, that protects the tissue from damage (toothing i.e. are: DeBakey, Cooley, V-Tooth, Glassman, Mueller).

Reuchlen produces atraumatic clamps for the following surgical fields:

  • Cardiovascular Clamps (DeBakey, Cooley, and others)
  • Gastro Clamps (Glassman, DeBakey, Doyen, and others)
  • Tissue Grasping/Holding Clamps (Allis)
  • Bulldogs / Bulldog Clamps (Glover, Cooley, DeBakey, Jacobson)
  • Neonatal- und Pediatric-Clamps (Ring Handle Bulldog Clamps, NeonatalClamps acc. to DeBakey and Cooley)
  • VATS/MICS (Slider-Clamps, Sliding Shaft Clamps)

The form of the jaw depends on the clamp: straight, curved, angled, Satinsky, spoonshaped, or as a ring.


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Spreaders / Retractors

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Types of Retractors:

Abdominal Spreader / Ring Retractor: Ring-Retractor-System, with swivable and rigid blades and hooks

Spreader / Retractor: To spread the operation field. They are self-retaining, that means, no further assistance is necessary.

Well-known retractor sets, that Reuchlen produces inhouse are: retractor-set according to Caspar, retractor-set according to McCulloch (Neuro / Spine)
Laminectomy spreaders and retractors are i.e.: Cooley, DeBakey, and many more for Cardiovascular surgery - also Reuchlen is a specialist for Neonatal- and Pediatric spreaders and clamps.


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