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"Scientist Can Sweep Up Particles into a Sonic Vortex"

Sonotweezers: Electronics & Software @ Kinneir Dufort
Custom designed 64-channel digital signal generator to support research into revolutionary method of manipulating microscopic objects...

KD was asked by researchers from the University of Bristol to help develop their innovative electronic tweezer concepts. This work is groundbreaking as it enables the manipulation of microscopic objects, such as single cells or protein molecules, by means of ultrasonic acoustic waves. KD designed and manufactured a multichannel RF waveform generator. This creates a number of synchronised electric waves with precise control over the signal frequency, relative phase and signal amplitude. Long term, research into this technology may result in advances in medicine, genetics and biotechnology.

The research by academics at the University of Bristol's Department of Mechanical Engineering and the University of Dundee's Institute for Medical Science and Technology is published online in Applied Physics Letters. A number of scientific news channels have also featured the paper, including PhysOrg and Gizmodo.