Top Clean Packaging Group

1st prize in thin gauge "General packaging" category

Lo-g Packaging, protective packaging system

For the second time in 4 years, Cartolux has won first prize in thin gauge thermoforming at the 9th European Thermoforming Conference held in Prague, Czech Republic, by the S.P.E. (Society of Plastics Engineers). During the conference, which brought together thermoformers from Europe and the US, an international thin and wide gauge thermoformed technical parts competition took place.

Cartolux-Thiers won first prize for fine gauge thermoforming in the general packaging category, for its "Lo-g Packaging", a complex and innovative product for packaging and protecting fragile items.

It was with pleasure and pride that Cartolux-Thiers employees received this international recognition from their peers, which highlights the technical qualities that have forged the company's reputation and rewards the creative work carried out by its technicians.

Lo-g Packaging is intelligent packaging, the fruit of research conducted in car bumper manufacture. Designed to absorb impacts, Lo-g packaging is adapted to each product it contains and protects. Its small size, environmentally friendly qualities and its ease of use mean it is highly regarded by packaging and logistics outfits.

"As well as the pleasure we obviously take from being awarded this prize", says François BERRY, Chairman of the Top Clean Packaging group, "it is important for an SME such as ours to be promoted in this way alongside some very big names in the sector. This allows us to illustrate our technical competitiveness to our customers objectively, and increases the pertinence of the advice we offer in relation to thermoforming and injection".