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Overview: Older Background Reports

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Photo: thumb video

Creating Materials for Medical Technology


How are new materials developed and what do you need in the production of such materials for medical technology? COMPAMED tried to answer these questions.
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Medical Technology - Sustainable Production and Recycling


Thinking today about tomorrow - this path go more and more medical technology companies.
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Photo: thumb COMPAMED exhibitors

Exhibitor voices of COMPAMED 2015


How do the exhibitors in hall 8a and hall 8b experience this year's trade fair? We talked to them about it.
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Photo: thumb COMPAMED Impressions

Impressions from COMPAMED 2015


More than 750 exhibitors present themselves at this year's COMPAMED. As many as never before. We have captured some impressions in Halls 8a and 8b for you. Have a look at new materials or technological achievements that the COMPAMED offers its visitors.
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Photo: thumb COMPAMED visitors

Visitor voices of COMPAMED 2015


More than 750 exhibitors present themselves at this year's COMPAMED. We asked this year's visitors what they like best about the trade fair.
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Spectroscopy - Infrared light for diagnostics


Light brings clarity and answers. A method that can shed more light on medical questions is near-infrared spectroscopy. How does it work and what can it do for medicine and medical technology? We talk about this with Prof. Wilhelm Bloch at the German Sport University Cologne.
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COMPAMED 2015 - High-Tech Solutions for Medical Technology


Visit COMPAMED 2015 - the trade fair for the supplier market of medical technological manufacturing.
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Tubing – High tech from the nozzle


Smaller than ever, and ever more precise and versatile – modern medical technology cannot be pictured anymore without these trends. Also, they do not only involve devices, implants and instruments, but also parts, articles of daily use and disposables. We visit Helix Medical Europe, a specialist for the manufacturing of medical tubing, and learn how flexible tubes react to modern demands.
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Nanorobots in the body: The future of medicine


Nanorobots inserted into the bloodstream that perform surgeries on their own? That’s still science fiction, but researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Stuttgart, Germany, have now gotten one step closer to this vision of the future.
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Photo: Preview picture of Exhibitors of COMPAMED 2014

Exhibitors of COMPAMED 2014


COMPAMED 2014 is almost over. We wanted to know from our exhibitors how they experienced the last few days and how satisfied they are.
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