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05/17/2016: Maintain your posture!


Special: Infrared optics: micro and nanostructures provide new insights; Interview: Sensor suit to alert you when your posture is bad; News:Novel anti-biofilm nano coating developed; News: 3-D fabrication technique for bio-inspired hierarchical structures
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01/15/2016: Ultrashort pulse lasers: cutting light into portions

Interview: Laser: clean cuts with ultrashort pulses; Video: Impressions from COMPAMED 2015; News: Polymer puts new medical solutions within reach; News: Strong and flawless 3-D printed ceramics; News: Self-adaptive material heals itself; News: Diamonds may be the key to future NMR/MRI technologies
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02/05/2016: New year, new design!

Special: Microfluidics - drop-by-drop-analysis with the chip lab; News: Robotic fingers with a gentle touch; News: Light-activated nanoparticles effective against superbugs; News: A sense for infrared light; News: New app can help doctors predict risk of preterm birth
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04/15/2016: new look, recycling and laser coagulation

Special: MRSA quick test via lab-on-a-chip technology; Interview: Laser Coagulation: an alternative to stitches; Video: Medical Technology - Sustainable Production and Recycling; News: 'Honeycomb' of nanotubes could boost genetic engineering; News: Nanotubes: Researchers have discovered a new phenomenon call "Teslaphoresis"; News:US institutions awarded most doctorates ever recorded in 2014
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