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LEXI Co,. Ltd.
Kyodo Keikaku Bldg. 9F, Sugamo 3-36-6, Toshima-Ku,
170-0002 Tokyo, Japan

Telefon: +81 3 53944833
Fax: +81 3 53944834

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  • Design, Forschung und Entwicklung
3D Pre-Operative Planning System

*Product Information

  1. Configuration: ZedView's main modules include: ZedHip (THA), ZedKnee (TKA), JIGEN (intra-operative support) and ZedOsteotomy (curved periacetabular osteotomy)
  2. Database: CT data (DICOM format) is imported to the database. Patient information, e.g. name and sex, can uniformly be managed.
  3. 3D visualization: 3D bone models are constructed from CT data. Measurements, e.g. distance between 2 points and volume of region, can be calculated.
  4. Pre-operative planning: Optimal sizes and positions of artificial implants can easily be determined on 3D model and MPR (multiplanar reconstruction) images. Intra-operative parameters, e.g. antetorsion angle and resection amount, can be calculated. Surgical simulations, e.g. ROM (range of motion) of the hip joint and curved periacetabular osteotomy, can also be performed.
  5. Conjunction with jig: Position of the knee cutting jig can be evaluated. Parameters are calculated for intra-operative use.

*Main Features

  1. Accuracy: Higher than the system using 2D (e.g. X-ray) images and, in conjunction with cutting jig, even comparable to navigation system.
  2. Time: Easy to handle 3D models and artificial implants. Only 15 minutes for pre-operative planning.
  3. Cost: Only software and license fees are required. Less expensive than PSI (patient specific instrumentation) or navigation system.