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Nanoomtech Co., Ltd.
57 Cheomdan venture so-ro, Buk-gu
500-460 Gwangju, Korea, Republic

Phone: +82 62 9558588
Fax: +82 62 9558589

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Cardiac therapy equipment  
Automated external defibrillators 1 Product
HeartPlus AED (NT-180)


HeartPlus NT-180 is a compact, portable device that analyzes the heart’s rhythm and prompts the user to deliver a defibrillation shock if it determines one is needed. Once turned on, HeartPlus NT-180 guides the user through each step of the defibrillation process by providing voice and visual prompts. HeartPlus NT-180 of Nanoomtech Co., Ltd. Provides Uni-Pads which can be used for both adult and child without wasting time to change pads in such an emergency situation, and cartridge in which battery and pads are integrated together. Also battery pack and pre-connected pads type is available. It is provided at inexpensive price, so that keeps the maintenance relatively lower comparing with other AEDs.

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