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Occupational therapy equipment

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Training equipment

Our products

Product category: Rehabilitation equipment and devices


Gloreha Sinfonia is the most advanced version of Gloreha upper limb rehabilitation device. It is ideal for all the neuromotor recovery phases.

The key centre of Gloreha Sinfonia is a rehabilitation glove which supports fingers joints motion, while detecting voluntary active motion. Each motor exercise is enriched by a multisensory stimulation and a simultaneous 3D animation on the screen to amplifiy the cortical stimulation.

Gloreha robotic glove detects fingers movements and, according to  residual motor skills, partially/totally supports patient.

A patient can use his/her healthy hand to reply similar movements on the affected hand through Gloreha robotic glove.

Gloreha Sinfonia is a fantastic means to start functional recovery, because patient’s arm has no hindrance and can be moved freely; monolateral and bilateral task-oriented exercises are available; real objects can be used during therapy. Within Gloreha software, several settings are available. For instance: video previews, customizable vocal instructions, monitoring performance improvements, interactive games.

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Product category: Rehabilitation equipment and devices


Gloreha Workstation is a complete training area designed for upper limb neuromotor rehabilitation: while Gloreha robotic glove mobilizes fingers joints, a 3D simulation can be watched on the screen.

Upper limb weight is relieved by dynamic arm support: free movements and functional tasks can be done.

The aim of every rehabilitation program is the recovery of the Activities of Daily Living (ADL). Gloreha Workstation has an ergonomic working area to set therapies for the functional movements recovery (e.g. grasping, moving, and lifting objects up).

A therapist can set different, customized therapies according to patient’s needs. Gloreha is a user-friendly, intuitive software. Video previews, audio-video effects, simultaneous 3D animations were designed for amplifying the effects on neural plasticity and actively following mobilization exercises.

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Product category: Rehabilitation equipment and devices


Gloreha Professional 2 is a great means to support functional and joint recovery in patients with neuromotor deficit.

Fingers mobilization is possible thanks to a lightweight, comfortable and flexible glove. A simultaneous 3D animation on the screen can help patient do motor exercises; according to residual motor skills, a patient can also actively contribute to movements.

Gloreha Professional 2 supports the set up of motor tasks ans stimulates neural plasticity through video previews of each movement. This pathway is corroborated by scientific evidence on the efficacy of Action-Observation Treatment (AOT).

Clinical literature highlights how rehabilitation exercises focused on recovery of functional movements and challenging goals can be much more effective. Therefore, besides different motor exercises (e.g. single fingers mobilization, closing fist, counting, etc.), there are exercises based on the interaction with real objects (pinching, total grasping, tridigital pinch).

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Product category: Training equipment


Gloreha Lite is Gloreha device home version: while the device mobilizes fingers joints, a 3D simulation can be watched on the screen.

After inpatient care, patients have to follow a long-term rehabilitation at home without any real support. The risk is to slowing down recovery from post-injury or post-stroke. Gloreha Lite is a useful home rehabilitation supporting tool: a lighweight and user-friendly device to keep increasing hand recovery.

A motivating and various therapy is possible: fingers can be moved by Gloreha glove in several combinations (e.g. gradually, simultaneously, randomly). 3D simulation is both a guide for patients and a means to stimulating damaged brain areas.

Daily living movements like taking a candy or a TV remote control can be trained with the support of Gloreha Lite.

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About us

Company details

Idrogenet is an italian company manifacturer of rehabilitation devices.

The project Gloreha was born from the cooperation between Idrogenet and Università degli Studi di Brescia, and with the consultancy of main Italian physiatrists.

Idrogenet was born by the will of eleven manufacturing industries of Lumezzane (Brescia district). The eleven companies are continuing manufacturing their traditional products. They joined together to face the market of rehabilitation, cooperating with Universities, research centres, phyisiatrists, hospitals and rehab centres to develop a new rehabilitation device: Gloreha®

Gloreha is an innovative device that supports upper limb rehabilitation:

- Mobilizes fingers joint

- Stimulates neural plasticity

- Helps the patient to perform functional exercises.

In Medica 2015 will be present the NEW Active-Assisted module: Gloreha SINFONIA

Come and see it at our booth: Hall 4 n.B22

We are looking for distributors: write to and book a meeting

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