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Sterilisation and disinfection equipment and accessories / autoclaves

  • 01  Electromedical equipment / Medical Technology
  • 01.06  Sterilisation
  • 01.06.02  Sterilisation and disinfection equipment and accessories / autoclaves
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Oct 14, 2016

Hand disinfection prevents infections - MANOTIZER, type 23704

Over 150 years ago, the Austrian-Hungarian gynaecologist Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis (1818 – 1865) discovered that puerperal fever could be spread by the hands of medical personnel during the examination of pregnant women. Through the introduction of hand disinfection with chlorinated lime before every examination, it was possible to reduce the mortality rate of the women from over 12% to around 2%. Despite this, his findings were not acknowledged during his lifetime, and were dismissed by colleagues as "speculative nonsense."

Nowadays, hand disinfection is the most important step in the prevention of hospital infections and the protection of medical personnel. Hand hygiene also prevents the spreading of multi-drug resistant pathogens, which represents an increasing problem worldwide.

Studies have shown, however, that people disinfect their hands too little during everyday clinical operations. In certain studies, hand disinfection was found to take place in only one in two situations in which it was required! And yet only consistent hand hygiene safely protects patients and personnel from infections!

To improve this situation, in the recent past, a range of projects and measures have been launched. One example is the German "CAMPAIGN for clean hands" [AKTION Saubere Hände]. The "CAMPAIGN for clean hands" is a national campaign to improve compliance with hand disinfection in German healthcare and medical organisations. It was established on 1 January 2008 with the support of the German Federal Ministry of Health. The campaign includes regular education and training events, the optimising of the provision of disinfectant dispensers, and measuring the implementation of hand disinfection, among other things, on the basis of the number of users and the consumption of hand disinfectant.

The MANOTIZER, developed by KLIN-ITEC a trademark of ITEC, offers superb possibilities for optimising the provision of disinfectant dispensers. The MANOTIZER is made completely of stainless steel 1.4301 and is easy to clean due to its hygienic design. The flashing LED light on the front of the device ensures it gains added attention, especially in highly frequented areas.

 Its handling outlay has been minimised thanks to the use of a 5 litre canister for the disinfectant. The canister is housed and locked inside the MANOTIZER and is easy to replace. The fill level of the canister can be read on a viewing window on the front of the device. The dispensing quantity of disinfectant can be set and adjusted according to the individual circumstances. A rapidly closing membrane pump prevents any subsequent dripping.

A potential free contact also enables the activation of automatic doors. This makes it possible to enable access to sensitive areas subsequent to the hand disinfection.

 Since April 2012, the St. Elisabeth Hospital in Beckum, which is part of the St. Franziskus Münster Foundation, has been using 13 MANOTIZER units. They are located in highly frequented areas (entrance area, functional areas and outpatient departments), as well as at the entrances to the individual wards. Hygiene specialist Ulla Altewischer is convinced by the benefits of the MANOTIZER. "By using the MANOTIZER, we have been able to increase the number of daily hand disinfections by approximately 250. It gains attention thanks to its 'clean' appearance and flashing LED light, and the visitors are therefore encouraged to disinfect their hands." Last year, in receiving the Gold Certificate, the St. Elisabeth Hospital gained the highest possible certification from the "CAMPAIGN for clean hands."

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Oct 14, 2016

Soap and disinfectant dispenser, type Touchless

Clean hands stop infection

Hand disinfection is a vital measure at the moment to stop hospital infections and protect patients and hospital staff. Multi-resistant pathogens are a global problem. Systematic hand hygiene spread can reduce their spread.

Studies have shown that hands are being insufficiently disinfected in routine hospital proce-dures. Some findings reveal that hands are disinfected in only 1 out of 2 situations where it is required. But only systematic hand hygiene can protect patients and personnel against infec-tion.

Automated soap and disinfectant dispensers of the Touchless type developed by KLIN-ITEC, a brand from the ITEC GmbH company, offers excellent opportunities to enable optimal dis-pensing procedures. It is suitable for liquids, soaps and gels. The Touchless housing is made of 1.4301 stainless steel and has an easy-clean construction.

Contactless operation avoids cross-contamination to minimise the risk of infection. In com-parison to the widely used arm-lever dispensers or pocket disinfectants, the Touchless is significantly more hygienic. A special spray nozzle ensures the disinfectant has broad cover-age. The amount dispensed can be adjusted to four different levels.

The Touchless is battery powered and therefore easy to install at any location. A dispensing system can be selected to meet individual requirements and quickly installed. The four standard AA size batteries are simple to replace. Around 20,000 dispensing actions can be performed before batteries require replacing.

The Touchless can be equipped with either 0.5 l or 1.0 l tanks. The housing is lockable to pre-vent unauthorised access.

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Nowadays, in healthcare and medical organisations, hand hygiene is an important measure in the prevention of infections and for the protection of the medical personnel.Hand hygiene also prevents the spreading of multi-drug resistant pathogens which present an increasing problem worldwide.To achieve a comprehensive level of hand hygiene, especially in patient wards, it is not enough to simply remind the medical staff and the patients to disinfect their hands.Only additional and consistent hand disinfection on the part of visitors can help to protect against infections.

ITEC has addressed this problem.With over 20 years' experience in the food processing industry, ITEC develops, manufactures and sells systems for the area of personnel hygiene.Under the brand name KLIN-ITEC, soap and disinfectant dispensers are offered that are specially developed for healthcare organisations.KLIN-ITEC disinfectant dispensers are low maintenance, easy to clean and visually attractive.A potential-free contact optionally enables the activation of automatic doors.

You can find further personal hygiene technology on the following pages.

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