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Our products

Product category: Fabrication, others

Infusion sets for gravity feed

They are used for therapeutic administration of infusion solutions and injection solutions from bottles or plastic bags by gravity to patient's vein.
These are the products with 15 µm infusion filter, vented spike with hydrophobic bacterial filter , 20 drops of distilled water = 1.0 ± 0.1 g, flow controller with wheel, tube length 1400/1500 mm.

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Product category: Fabrication, others

Venous pressure meters

The venous pressure gauges are used for determination of central venous pressure of patient. All venous pressure gauges have three-way cock, PVC 3.0/4.2 mm connection tube of 600 mm length and manometer branch with a scale for venous pressure reading, i.e. PVC 3.6/4.8 mm tube, length 620 mm.

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Product category: Fabrication, others

Transfusion sets

The sets are used for therapeutic transfer of conserved blood, elementary blood components, blood substitutions etc. from bottles or bags to patient's vein. These are the sets with hydrophobic bacterial filter in aerating channel of perforation punch, 20 drops of distilled water = 1.0 ± 0.1 g, flow controller with wheel button.

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Product category: Fabrication, others

Plastic extension tubes (GAMAPLUS)

GAMAPLUS tubes are intended for disposable use for connection of one or two infusion or transfusion sets with intravenous needle and for connection of two different sets terminated with negative connector and gradual connector. They are also used as universal tubes for laboratory and clinical practice.
The connection tubes are used for connecting of multiple infusion sets at the same time with other components terminated with Luer Lock connectors, e.g. intravenous needle.
The PVC extension tubes are used as connection tubes for linear dosers for intravenous or intra-arterial infusion therapy. Termination of the tube on both ends with Luer Lock connectors allows safe connection to standard syringe for linear doser and to intravenous or intra-arterial catheter.

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Product category: Fabrication, others

Urine bags

The urinal bags are used for trapping of secretions. They are designed for transport in hand or on body or for hanging on the patient's bed. When the bag without discharge is full of secretions, it is emptied and properly disposed. The bag with discharge is intended for multiple use one patient and after the final use it is emptied and properly disposed. The PVC bags are fitted with PVC tube 5.0/6.5 mm, length 900 mm with return valve and the tube is terminated with connector and cover. Scale on the bag measures from 100 ml to 2000 ml or from 100 ml to 1500 ml (in 100 ml increments). In addition, all urinal bags are fitted with hanging lugs for hanging.

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Product category: Fabrication, others

Dialysis sets for GAMBRO, FRESENIUS and B-Braun monitors

The sets are  intended for dialysing using corresponding dialysis monitor. The sets are fitted with collection bag for trapping of physiological solution used for rinsing of the set and dialysis machine prior to dialysis operation. The sets are differentiated by colour: arterial branch (red), venous branch (blue). These are  the sets with drop chamber with skew surface and 400 µm filter on the venous part, connections for measurement of venous pressure are fitted with separation filter with hydrophobic membrane 0.2 µm, tubes of main blood path 4.5/6.8 mm, heparin tube of length 750 mm.

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Product category: Fabrication, others

Catheters for neonates

The catheters for low birth weight neonates CN-01 universal are used for neonates up to 1.8 kg weight and they can be used as nurturing ones or for connection of transfusion and infusion sets when introducing them to umbilical vein. The catheters for neonates CP-01 are used for connection of infusion and transfusion set when introducing it to umbilical vein. The catheters for nutrition of neonates CV-01 are intended for artificial nutrition.

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Product category: Fabrication, others

PVC tubes for medical purposes

The tubes are used as connections between devices and tools not in contact with body liquids, as connections between devices and water or gas sources, suction with central technical suction, technical components inside devices, for removal of harmful exhaust gases from devices and environment and for repairs of devices and tools not in contact with body liquids (stethoscopes, acouphones etc.).

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About us

Company details

The roots of company date back to the twenties of the last century and the history of production for health facilities dates back to the 1950´s. Independent GAMA n.p. (state-owned enterprise) was incorporated as of 1st January 1986 and in 1992, the company transformed into joint stock company. Since 2007, the company has been a member of privately owned company "KOH-I-NOOR holding" located in Prague, Czech Republic.

GAMA GROUP is engaged in the field of shaping of plastic materials, focusing on development and production of disposable medical, laboratory and veterinary products. At present, the production profile can be divided into three categories.

The first category is involved in development and production of disposable medical products under "GAMA" trademark with the main focus on the markets of the Czech Republic and Slovakia where the products are traditional because of their high quality.

The second category is growing OEM medical production and custom manufacturing where we offer high professionalism, quality and flexibility to our customers according to "your experience" motto.

The third category is non-cleanroom production. The main technologies include injection, blow moulding, injection blow moulding, extrusion, thermal shaping and welding of products from plastic materials including assembly and packing for different kinds of customers.

Thanks to financial stability ot the company, continuous investments in modern technologies and expert growth of our employees, we are successful in the vision of our company=long and sustainable partnership with our business partners based on quality and innovation of products combined with flexibility of the offered services.

Offered in house services:

Design, Development and Production of Disposable Medical Products including OEM production
Integration of customer´s needs into product
Design & Production of moulds including validation ( in house)
Injection moulding ( up to 160 ton) & Extrusion including Prototyping
Automatic & Manual Assembly, Welding
Packing (soft, hard films, pouches etc)
In house ETO sterilisation

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Company data