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Product category: Electronic systems / subassemblies, Product design and development

Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering industry has been at the forefront of margin pressures and rising costs. Although industry players have traditionally embraced outsourcing, they are now forced to look beyond traditional approaches to stay ahead in a highly competitive global business environment. This includes optimizing their R&D efforts, and developing products faster, better and more cost-effectively.

We have been delivering mechanical engineering solutions across several industries for over 23 years. We understand the importance of innovating and ensuring that new products are introduced into the market with optimal time to market. Our team comprises experts with a strong foundation in mechanical engineering, as well as functional and industry-specific domain knowledge and standards. With more than 4,000 mechanical engineers, 400 domain experts, and over 500 ASME certified engineers across various engineering industries, we act as a one-stop shop for mechanical engineering services.

Our solutions span a wide range of industries including aerospace and defense, heavy engineering, transportation, energy and natural resources, consumer, and medical. We also provide benchmarking, product engineering, mechanical design, mechanical analysis, product localization, value engineering and analysis, modeling and detailing, hydraulics, reverse engineering and testing services. Here are some ways in which we delivered business impact to our clients:

Contributed to 27% of engineering effort with more than 100 design concepts for a large aero engine program, improving fuel efficiency by 14% and reducing engine noise by 50%
Supported end-to-end product development including structures, booms, decking, hydraulics and engine integration for emission compliance of a heavy duty truck crane, and meeting the roadability requirements of all the states in the US. We also helped reduce the product development time from 14 to 11 months through a collaborative right shoring model.
Collaborated with a rail OEM for the concept design of a new engine frame including design of interfaces and creation of complete CAD models and manufacturing drawings. This enabled the customer to create reliable and robust products in a shorter timeframe thereby increasing the their time-to-market for product launch
A leading mining OEM acquired a new entity whose equipment was designed in SolidWorks. We helped migrate the platform to Unigraphics (customer's incumbent software tool) for over 3,000 components that required re-mastering. We developed new methodologies, and leveraged our robust processes and checking mechanisms to ensure 99% first-time acceptance (FTA). This enabled our client to streamline the change management and smooth transition of the acquired entity into the client's ecosystem
Achieved 20% reduction in engineering cost through alternate material selection for the water management system of a wide-body, long-range aircraft program. We identified superior alternate material and redesigned existing parts to optimize the weight.

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Product category: Electronic systems / subassemblies, Product design and development


Businesses operate in a highly service-centric world today. Timely access to technical information is critical to ensure product reliability, maintainability, and safety, as well as streamline product operations. Access to accurate and easy to understand technical information related to product operations and maintenance ensures superior market performance and customer satisfaction. We bring in-depth expertise in aftermarket services and offer solutions to clients across industries such as off-highway, aerospace, rail, energy, semiconductor, consumer and medical.

We leverage our rich experience of over 20 years and in-depth technical expertise to provide comprehensive and cost-effective aftermarket solutions. Our aftermarket team comprises of experts with strong functional and industry specific domain knowledge. Our team of over 500 engineers delivers solutions across a wide range of aftermarket services, spanning technical illustrations, translations, and authoring, e-learning, asset management, repair engineering and inventory management. We deliver best-in-class services by optimizing processes for better operations, leverage best practices to enhance productivity, and facilitate innovation through strong industry and domain knowledge.

Our aftermarket services have been instrumental in helping clients grow their business, reduce operational costs, and provide superior business outcomes. Here are some examples of the value we have added to our clients' businesses:

Increased equipment availability by 10% for a mining client, through the optimization and standardization of the maintenance strategy for over 400 heavy mobile equipment (HMEs). We also helped the client to migrate from time-based to condition-based maintenance of HMEs.
Achieved 10% reduction in efforts for a major aerospace OEM through the development of a library of reusable illustration files. We analyzed the client's illustration work, identified reusable content and recreated the content to suit a reusable format.
Eliminated five year change directives (CHD) backlog for an aerospace client. We also developed instructions for continued airworthiness (ICA) changes (concurrent and online), with 10-15 days aging. The client presented us the 'Transformation of the Decade Award', in recognition of our efforts.
Developed computer- and web-based training modules (CBT/WBT) for a major rail client, resulting in significant cost savings

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Product category: Electronic systems / subassemblies, Product design and development

Embedded Software & Electronics

Embedded systems play a critical role in a dynamic environment driven by technology disruptions. Today, embedded devices are expected to perform complex tasks with greater efficiency, guaranteeing real-time behavior in both hard and soft real-time systems.

With more than 15 years of experience in delivering cost- effective and high -quality embedded electronics products, we cater to different market verticals such as aerospace and defense, transport, consumer electronics, medical, semiconductors and more. Our systematic approach to designing embedded software and electronics helps our customers accelerate time-to-market and ensure a superior quality product. A team of over 1000 embedded software and electronics engineers use their extensive experience in designing various classes of embedded software and systems to provide hardware engineering, application development, and embedded software and testing. Here are some projects executed by our team that have produced significant business impact for our clients:

Developed a Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) product to support two separate series of aircrafts with the safety criticality at Level A for airborne systems. We helped the customer reduce NRE/RE cost and enabled the system/product to qualify for Design Assurance Level A.
Designed and developed a modular control platform for an entire range of cold storage products. Our redesign approach allowed the customer to use 75% of the code while reducing PCB parts. This helped reduce the LRU cost development by 40%.
Developed and certified an entire USB device stack and HID class driver that enabled USB functionality in the client's SOC.We validated the USB IP using an FPGA platform, developed the USB device stack, and integrated the USB device with a firmware base. In addition, we developed algorithms for real-time acquisitions of finger data and applied the algorithms for various gestures. This approach helped our customer outperform its competitors and gain significant market share.

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Product category: Electronic systems / subassemblies, Product design and development

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering has evolved over the years owning to technological transformations in the industry. Electrical circuitry in the equipment is getting more complex while adhering to stringent packaging constraints. We provide a wide range of integrated electrical engineering services across multiple industries such as transportation, aerospace, heavy engineering, energy and natural resources, consumer and medical, utilities etc.

Our team of over 150 engineers comes with an experience of over one million hours in electrical engineering and support the development of comprehensive systems that are compatible with low-, medium-, and high-voltage applications. The breadth of our electrical engineering services consist of electrical system engineering, power generation, transmission, and distribution for power plants; and instrumentation, automation and controls, reliability, and value engineering for utilities. It also includes aero and transportation electrical systems, harness design, application engineering, prototype building, testing, and validations support.

Our electrical systems conform to global standards such as IEC, IEEE, ANSI, UL, cUL, NEMA, NEC, BS, ISO, AS/NZ, DIN, EN, JEM, GOST, MIL, and GB. From reducing costs to optimizing designs, our electrical engineering services have been instrumental in delivering superior business outcomes for several global organizations: 

Designed the complete electrical system and optimized the component/equipment rating, as part of the new product development (NPD) of a freezing and refrigeration system, for a medical equipment client. This resulted in significant cost savings for the client.
Designed end-to-end electrical systems and instrumentation/control systems, and offered complete panel engineering for a concentrate dryer in a nuclear waste management system. This enabled the customer to complete the electrical system design in time, thereby aiding to accelerate the product launch while complying with the IEEE standards
Designed power plant packaging for a defense company's generators mounted onto a 40FT trailer. This ensured compliance with the military standards such as EMC/EMI, NEMA, NEC, etc.
Supported major rail OEMs on key projects that include electrical systems schematics, electrical installations, electro-mechanical packaging, and wiring/harness, cabinets, enclosure, and cable tray design. These projects resulted in significant cost savings for the clients.

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Product category: Electronic systems / subassemblies, Product design and development

Semiconductor Design Services

Cyient is a global engineering company with 13,500 associates in 38 locations with more than 350 associates with deep expertise in semiconductor design with over 15 years of experience. Our semiconductor service covers the complete process from concept to GDSII and extends into production. Our clients represent three of the top five semiconductor companies worldwide, with more than 300 semiconductor design projects with first-turn functional success.

ASIC, SoC, FPGA Design Services

Experts in high-performance ASIC, System-on-Chip (SoC) and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) semiconductor design with experience and electronic design tool resources applied to each stage of the design process. We design using the most advanced semiconductor process technology nodes including 10/14/16nm finFET and the latest FPGA technologies and tools.

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Product category: Electronic systems / subassemblies, Product design and development

Plant Engineering

With ever increasing demand for additional and alternate sources of energy, sustainable oil production and power generation have become a necessity. There is a growing need to develop economically viable sources of energy. With technology as a key enabler, there is high focus on increasing efficiency to ensure sustainable production costs.

We bring to the table experience across oil and gas, power generation, and mining industries. We provide rapid mobilization, cost and schedule-effective multidisciplinary plant engineering solutions for the toughest of problems. Representing the interests of plant owners and engineering procurement and construction (EPC) contractors is a priority for us, and we do this by delivering enhanced health safety environment (HSE) and quality performance.

Our services encompass a wide spectrum of capabilities across the plant lifecycle including front end engineering design (FEED), detail engineering, procurement and field services support. An integrated team of passionate and highly skilled engineers consisting of civil and structural, piping, instrumentation and control, electrical, and mechanical functions employs mature work processes providing engineering excellence.

We employ state-of-the-art technologies and tools with rigorous process compliance across various industries, operators, geography specific standards, codes and regulations. Our engineers are experienced in various plant engineering projects and work in tandem with client teams, meeting project and end customer expectations. Here are some examples of the business value we have provided to our clients:

Helped a client win prestigious engineering procurement construction management (EPCM) work for a Greenfield solid to liquid processing plant by acting as an integral partner for our client's project engineering requirements. We provided the client with resource flexibility and scalability to build a competitive proposition for the project. We enabled our customer to factor a cost estimate that was 30% lower than the estimate using client's own resources during the bid phase, thereby enhancing their competitiveness.
Worked with a leading nuclear technology company on engineering and upgrade of new plants including licensing studies. We are the only engineering service provider in India with a 10CFR810 approval (Department of Energy) working on nuclear plant engineering including safety-critical aspects. This enabled our client to avail cost-effective services without compromising on the safety aspect of the process.
Delivered cost savings to the tune of $2.4M annually to one of world's leading rig operator. We achieved this by acting as an integral engineering and design partner for our client's rig upgrades and conversions across their fleet of rigs.

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Product category: Electronic systems / subassemblies, Product design and development

Manufacturing Engineering

Historically, manufacturing engineering practices have evolved locally in different parts of the globe. The goal of these best practices has been the constant endeavor to optimize throughput, reduce intra and inter-workspace logistics, and improve operator safety. Our services in manufacturing engineering are aligned with these trends. We cross-pollinate product, system, and functional ideas and experience across industries to provide integrated manufacturing solutions to our customers.

Cyient's manufacturing engineering services are powered by over 20 years of rich experience and more than 150 engineers with an average experience of seven years. Our services spanning Computer Numerical Control (CNC) programming, process planning, assembly engineering, tool design, should cost analysis, prototype development, and first article inspection enable our clients to address manufacturing engineering requirements-from simple components to complex geometries. Our offerings also encompass services across the product cost life cycle, from design to supply chain activities.

Our engineers use a combination of conventional manufacturing methods and contemporary technological advancements to deliver effective design for manufacturing (DFM) and design for assembly (DFA) solutions. We provide process implementation consulting for advanced manufacturing and assembly technologies, such as additive manufacturing, flexible manufacturing systems, and automation of workplace logistics among others. We are also equipped with an in-house and partner ecosystem of mechanical, electronic, electrical, and mechatronics lab infrastructure to help accelerate the design to manufacture lifecycle.

Our services address the key challenges faced in manufacturing processes. Our clients have been able to optimize their total cost of ownership, increase manufacturing output, reduce process lags, and realize operational goals with the help of our services. Here's a snapshot of instances where we have contributed significant value to clients through our manufacturing engineering services:

Supported the design and manufacture of drill jigs for various components of multirole light fighter jets for a defense company. We also developed a single stand to mount all jig plates with different setups to drill more than 40 components. This enhanced the operational efficiencies in the process of mounting jig plates
Performed should-cost analysis and generated cost estimation models with the design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA) tool for over 300 components for a leading agricultural OEM. The client realized considerable cost savings leveraging our services and also used the findings form should-cost analysis for fact-based negotiation with its end-customers
Conducted end-to-end vendor management, right from studying manufacturing drawings to packaging and shipping 18 CNC machine parts for an aero-structures company
Enabled an aero engine manufacturer to streamline their assembly process plan and fix assembly issues. During this process, we addressed over 800 discrepancy resolution (DRs) requests for various engine models.
Supported the prototype development of a 100-ton truck mounted crane for a construction OEM in North America. We also facilitated the integration of major subsystems, sourcing, and vendor development. Our contribution enabled our customer to develop the product in a short timeframe of 11 months

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Product category: Electronic systems / subassemblies, Product design and development

Engineering Application Software Development

Productivity, accuracy, and efficiency are critical success factors driving the need for sophisticated automation tools and application software in design, engineering and manufacturing. In addition, the right application software can help organizations address time-to-market and cost-related challenges systematically, through process optimization. Our Engineering Application Software Services group offers comprehensive solutions for enhanced productivity and process automation. Our end-to-end solutions cover the entire product life cycle including pre-sales, design, engineering, manufacturing, operations, and aftermarket. Our desktop, web-based, and enterprise applications streamline operations, support flawless performance, and increase the bottom line. We also provide development, reengineering, data migration, application support and maintenance, and help-desk services for the following:

Design automation and productivity improvement solutions
Pre-sales software
Engineering data processing, analysis, and reporting
Modeling and simulation software
Solutions for manufacturing and operations
Web-based process automation and management software
Aftermarket and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) software
Given below is a snapshot of the projects executed by our application software team:

Developed integrated sourcing solutions for large engineering organizations. The solution covers partner selection, fixed cost and time and material projects, uploading estimates, competitive bidding, awarding the contract, and tracking project progress. It also includes sharing of feedback and artifacts, invoicing, project closure, contract labor selection, on boarding, etc. 
Supported engineering design management across large organizations by developing integrated online solutions. These web-based solutions help create, review and approve content and enable real-time availability of design process documents, procedures, and work instructions for easy reference. It also brings in standardization of design processes across large organizations .
Developed modeling and simulation software for aerospace systems. This system is framework-based software that enables users to customize the system for specific simulation requirements. Easy to use and supported by the required libraries , this software helps engineers to quickly set up a simulation environment for design verification.

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About us

Company details

As a global provider of end-to-end engineering, operational and data analytics solutions, with a network of more than 12,900 associates across 37 global locations, Cyient helps major organizations worldwide to achieve measurable and substantial benefits. We recently enhanced our portfolio in the area of product development through the acquisition of manufacturing capabilities.

We develop some of the smartest and most robust engineering solutions in the medical device industry today. Our expertise in mechanical, electronics, electrical and embedded design combined with deep domain knowledge enables us to develop solutions that reduce cost, improve time-to-market and optimize products.
At Cyient, we help create best-in-class products, from pre-product development to patent applications to ongoing manufacturing support. Whether your organization needs to design innovative products faster, optimize R&D costs, increase market share, enhance operational efficiency or maximize the ROI in your networks, we are the ideal partner.

With strict IP security and stringent quality control standards (e. g. ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2005, ISO 13485 and FDA regulations), our solutions accelerate innovation to help clients gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

For more information on Cyient and our capabilities visit:

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