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  • 04.08  Filters, filtration media

Filters, filtration media

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Filters, hydrophilic

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: Foams


A proprietary or customised blend of raw materials created through a clean polyurethane process.

Types include medical-grade (ISO 10993 certified) and cosmetic
Pore sizes range from 90 microns to greater than 350 microns
Catalyst-free, hypoallergenic, 100% latex free – skin contact friendly
Hydrophilic or hydrophobic
Additives include antimicrobials, nanomaterials, pharmaceuticals, botanicals, cosmetic ingredients and colourants
Skived or poured to thickness
Based on the type and end use of the foam, converting, roll stock, and laminations are available
2D and 3D forms (rolls/sheets/moulded)

Essentra is a leading international supplier of specialist plastic, fibre, foam and packaging products with four principal operating divisions: Component & Protection Solutions, Porous Technologies, Packaging & Securing Solutions and Filter Products.

Every day we produce and distribute millions of small but essential components. Our products may not be noticeable – or even recognisable – but wherever you are, our business is all around you.

Our international network extends to 33 countries and includes 42 principal manufacturing facilities, 64 sales and distribution operations and 5 research & development centres.