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eHealth, telemedicine / telematics / telemetry

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Product category: eHealth, telemedicine / telematics / telemetry

2net Platform

The 2net Platform is a scalable, secure, cloud-based infrastructure enabling end-to-end connectivity that is tailored to the diverse and discerning needs of medical device manufacturers, health providers, payers, and pharmaceutical companies. The 2net Platform unlocks vital health and therapy data for integration with virtually any system, application or portal.

The 2net Platform:

Leverages Qualcomm’s three decades of mobile and digital expertise in helping companies and health systems rapidly and reliably deploy at scale
Integrates multiple gateways to support a vast range of use cases, including remote patient monitoring, chronic care management, connected medication management, and consumer compliance and engagement
Has an open device- and application-agnostic design for maximum device integration and flexibility
Offers multiple, redundant layers of authentication, encryption and access control to protect data in transit and at rest in an FDA self-listed enterprise-grade infrastructure
Integrates with one of the largest and fastest-growing ecosystems of connected health solutions in the world

The 2net Platform is designed to meet the demanding and diverse needs of health care companies and organizations across the care continuum. Its flexible, secure gateways allow for near real-time integration of valuable medical device data to scale and keep pace with rapidly evolving care models and connected therapy regimens.

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Powering Medical-Grade Connectivity in the Hospital, at Home and All Points in Between

Qualcomm Life has an unyielding commitment to digitize health care to reduce the cost and complexity of care in the hospital, at home and all points in between. Our enabling 2net™ Device Connectivity and HealthyCircles™ Care Coordination Platforms are transforming transitional care, chronic care and connected therapy management. Through secure communications, record sharing and seamless medical device connectivity, Qualcomm Life’s Platforms are enabling continuous care, informed interventions and better management of at-risk populations. www.qualcommlife.com

2net Device Connectivity Platform

Through our innovative 2net™ Platform and 2net Hub, we are operating and maintaining the infrastructure to enable a new generation of global mobile health solutions. Our open and innovative technology enables borderless connections – proven interoperability that works across Europe and North America. The 2net Platform is a cloud-based, device-agnostic system that enables end-to-end connectivity with an expansive variety of medical devices and applications. Our award-winning solution allows biometric sensor data to be reliably captured and seamlessly transmitted to the cloud for integration with virtually any system, application or portal.

The 2net Platform is designed for maximum security and interoperability offering a menu of plug-and-play wireless health solutions that work within a CE registered enterprise grade infrastructure. Solutions developed using this platform can be rapidly deployed and scaled so that organizations can quickly meet their remote monitoring and care management goals.

The 2net Hub is a gateway used to access the 2net Platform’s data center. It’s compact plug-and-play design is comprised of a variety of short-range radios (Bluetooth®, Bluetooth® Smart, ANT+ and WiFi) that collect and securely transmit data to the cloud-based 2net Platform. The CE Registered and Continua compliant 2net Hub delivers an enhanced level of short-range radio flexibility, security and interoperability. It also serves as the corridor for machine-to-machine (M2M) medical device connectivity. This unique flexibility enables open and harmonious connectivity across an expanding list of medical devices.

Capsule, a Qualcomm Life Company

Most recently, Qualcomm Life acquired Capsule Tech, a leading global provider of medical device integration and clinical data management. Operating in over 38 countries with 1,930 hospital clients, Capsule’s leading medical device integration and clinical data management platform enables data collection, EMR and health IT system integration and monitoring in one of the largest ecosystems of connected devices inside the hospital. Capsule’s smart networking goes beyond device integration by delivering timely clinical data to various in-hospital decision support systems, alarm and notification systems and asset management tools, which help reduce latency and transcription errors to ensure timely, informed care.


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