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Final press release 2022

MEDICA and COMPAMED showcase themselves as extremely vital platforms in turbulent times

Photo: MEDICA + COMPAMED in Düsseldorf (© Constanze Tillmann/ Messe Düsseldorf).

That was COMPAMED 2022!

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Printed and delivered: new manufacturing processes in medical technology

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See you at MEDICA and COMPAMED 2023, 13 – 16 November

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Fluid Automation - faster, better, safer

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Connectors for safe medical technology

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Versatility at COMPAMED 2022

Exhibitor interview

Mitsubishi Chemical Europe GmbH: Materials, technology, solutions

Product highlights from COMPAMED 2022

Bild: Amsys ; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

The IntraSense in-vivo pressure sensor was a challenge. How do you take a picture of something so small? The best thing to do is to take a look at the sensor, which is suitable for integration in catheters, for yourself. Visit the AMSYS GmbH & Co. KG in hall 8a, booth M04.


Halle 8a / M04

Bild: DuPont ; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

Why not also stop by the Wearable Technologies Show in Hall 12? At booth D33, you'll also find DuPont exhibiting an extensive portfolio of wearable technologies.



Bild: Formlabs ; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

Individually and quickly manufactured – 3D printing has long since proven itself in medicine. Formlabs GmbH has proven itself just as well. At the booth in Hall 8b / P12 you will not only get to see some exhibits, but also insights into the know-how of the company.

Formlabs GmbH

Halle 8b / P12

Bild: Helvoet Rubber & Plastic Technologies B.V. - Flow Alliance ; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

You can find out everything about microfluidics and injection molding in Hall 8a / N04. In the House of Microfluidics, the company Helvoet Rubber & Plastic Technologies B.V., together with the companies from Micronit B.V. and Axxicon B.V., will be presenting products related to this topic under Flow Alliance.

Helvoet Rubber & Plastic Technologies B.V.
Flow Alliance

Halle 8a / N04

Bild: Norgren FAS MEDIC S.A ; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

As one of the leading companies in power transmission and fluid power, Norgren will present the two latest products in its portfolio at Compamed. If you want to see the CHIPREG MFC Mass Flow Controller and CHIPREG EPC Electronic Pressure Controller up close, Hall 8a / K19 is the place to be.


Halle 8a / K19

Bild: ENDOSMART Gesellschaft für Medizintechnik ; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

Anyone who wants to know what is possible with Nitinol should visit Hall 8a / N19. ENDOSMART Gesellschaft für Medizintechnik has extensive know-how in the use of the smart material.

ENDOSMART Gesellschaft für Medizintechnik

Halle 8a / N19

Bild: Wittmann Battenfeld GmbH ; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

From simple small parts production to the production of precision and micro injection molded parts, Wittmann will be presenting MicroPower in Hall 8b / F03. Convince yourself!

Wittmann Battenfeld GmbH

Halle 8b / F03

Bild: BeFc ; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

The company BeFC generates electricity with paper and enzymes! Don't you believe it? You can also find the sustainable biofuel cells at the Wearables Technologies Show in Hall 12/D33.


Halle 12 / D33

Bild: HARTMANN MATERIALS ; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

Wanted: high-quality semi-finished products. Our tip: Hall 8b / D30. HARTMANN MATERIALS offers medical implants and instruments of titanium, as well as cobalt-chromium and surgical steel.


Halle 8b / D30

Bild: Swiss m4m Center AG ; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

Dental implants or applications made of metal and the 3D printer. The company Swiss m4m Center AG offers you individually set up processes for additively manufactured medical devices. Stop by at booth D30 in hall 8b.

Swiss m4m Center AG

Halle 8b / D30

Bild: A Device of SONOTEC GmbH exhibited on a luminous table ; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

With the combination of flow measurement and reliable air bubble detection, the helper simply clamped to the hose guarantees maximum safety for patients - whether in the operating room or intensive care unit.


hall 8a/ stand N08

To learn more about SONOTEC GmbH click this link
Bild: A packaging machine in action; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

Whether syringes, surgical sets or medications: Everything can be perfectly packaged with blister packaging machines from the KOCH medplus series.

KOCH Pac Systeme GmbH

hall 8a/ stand C04

To learn more about KOCH Pac Systeme GmbH click this link
Bild: Four engines next to each other on white background ; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

KNF Neuberger GmbH presents there digital, brushless DC motors for its micro gas pump series. More compact, more robust and more durable

KNF Neuberger GmbH

hall 8a/ stand H04

To learn more about KNF Neuberger GmbH click this link
Bild: A black machine from Frauenhofer  ; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

Rapid detection of infectious diseases in order to prevent or contain uncontrolled spread, if possible, is the goal. PoC-PCR rapid test system would help out with that.


hall 8a / stand G10

To learn more about Fraunhofer PoC-PCR click this link
Bild: a plastic heart underneath the threads in a test tube  ; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

To reduce risks after cardiac surgery, a research team at Fraunhofer IFAM has developed bioresorbable pacemaker probes.

Frauenhofer IFAM

hall 8a/ stand G10

To learn more about Frauenhofer IFAM click this link
Bild: A wheelchair with the heat pads ; Copyright: beta-web/Hofmann

The heat output of the new battery-powered medical heating pad. Developed for wheelchair users, a newly patented, innovative heating foil ensures even heat without overheating.

Ansmann AG

hall 8a/ stand M33

To learn more about Ansmann AG click this link


Become an exhibitor at MEDICA 2023 from 13 - 16 November 2023

Photo: Hands on laptop keyboard; © /stockasso

The application for exhibitors at MEDICA 2023 is now open online. Be part of it!

Experience the world of COMPAMED

Foto: Processing

Manufacturing of components

EMS, plastics processing, mold making, metal machining processing, surface treatment, laser procesing, additive manufacturing / 3D printing, rapid prototyping
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Foto: Implant

Manufacturing of finished products

Catheters, cannula, stents, needles, implants, surgical instruments, endoscopes, wearables, IVD, laboratory technologies, biomedical products
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Foto: Services


Financing, funding, consulting, research, product design, assembly, contract packaging, labeling, sterilization, testing services
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Foto: Production cell

Manufacturing equipment

Machines for injection molding & laser processing, extruders, 3D printers, robotics, assembly systemes, dosing, cleanroom technology, quality insurance, packaging & labeling machines
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Foto: Components

Components, modules, OEM equipment

Electrical motors, pneumatic actuators, pumps, valves, filters, optical & IV components, guide wires, tubings
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Foto: Electronic plate

Electr. & electron. components

Sensors, electromechanical & optical components, semiconductors, IC, cicuit boards, embedded systems, power supply, lamps, LED, displays
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Foto: Microsystem


Mechatronics, micromechanics, microaktors, microsensors, microelectronics, microoptics, microfluidics, microprocessing, nanotechnology
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Foto: Material

Raw materials, materials, adhesives

Plastics, metals, ceramics, composites, semifinised products, glass, packaging materials, adhedives
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Foto: Monitoring, Software

Software, IT

Imaging, AR, VR, software development, eHealth, medical apps, data & cyber security, WiFi, radio transmission, maintanance
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From the editors of


New ideas for medical packaging materials

Mood Image
Bioreactor keeps cell culture conditions under control
A cell-culturing technique developed by KAUST scientists helps to create biological conditions that more closely mirror physiological environments compared to standard protocols used in most laboratories today.
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A nanoscale view of bubble formation: A new model now describes the boiling process with much greater precision
When a liquid boils in a vessel, tiny vapor bubbles form at the bottom and rise, transferring heat in the process. How these small bubbles grow and eventually detach was previously not known in any great detail. A German-Chinese research team under the leadership of the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf (HZDR) has now managed to fundamentally expand this understanding.
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From ideas to instruments: a visit at Leibnitz IPHT
Light-based technologies offer enormous potential in the fight against infectious diseases. Their research as well as the development of effective diagnostic methods and therapies are to be revolutionized in Jena in the coming years with the Leibniz Center for Photonics in Infection Research (LPI).
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Using quantum sensor technology to improve brain tumor operations
In the future, quantum sensor technology is expected to further improve the assignment of functions to certain brain areas – via new diagnostic devices that, among other things, refine neuronavigation. A consortium of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz and the Helmholtz Institute Mainz is working on this in the new DiaQNOS project.
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New demonstration and transfer center at TU Dresden: facilitating SMEs' entry into AI
Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to optimize processes and tap considerable potential in the production and manufacturing industry. However, how do small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular get started with suitable AI applications?
Read more
Intelligent materials for robotics and prostheses
Researchers based in Dresden are going to develop a completely new class of materials in which actuators and sensors are integrated directly into flexible fibre composites – contrary to the state of the art.
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Bayreuth expert in biofabrication wins award for innovative therapy
Dr. Sahar Salehi-Müller from the Department of Biomaterials at the University of Bayreuth has been awarded a Sicca Award by the Dry Eye and Surface Diseases Section of the Professional Association of Ophthalmologists in Germany (BVA)
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PCR platform for fighting pandemics – fast, open and digitalized
Fraunhofer researchers are currently developing a scalable, open and digitalized PCR test system that will produce results in just 15 minutes. The compact demonstrator system will be on display from November 14 to 17 at the joint Fraunhofer booth at the COMPAMED.
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Treatment of lung diseases: Sensor bracelet measures environmental forces
A European research project has been set up to explore how environmental forces affects the course of lung diseases. The microelectronics specialists at Fraunhofer IZM are on board and have developed a unique sensor bracelet that can pick up even tiniest concentrations of more than 40 individual harmful substances.
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Miniaturized pump laser modules for more cost-effective laser systems
Scientists at the Berlin-based Ferdinand-Braun-Institut (FBH) have developed prototypes of miniaturized and robust laser modules for ophthalmology. They can be used as reasonably priced pump sources in laser systems to treat retinal detachments. In addition, their wavelength can be precisely adjusted to the respective application.
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Nanoelectronics for immunotherapies: HZDR cancer researcher receives ERC Consolidator Grant
Approximately thirty thousand people die every day from cancer worldwide. What is known as “immunotherapy” is increasingly becoming the scientific focus in the fight against the disease. Together with her team, Dr. Larysa Baraban, physicist at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR), is researching a chip that should ultimately make it possible to develop customized cancer immunotherapies.
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From theory to application: developing switchable polymer gels
The German Research Foundation (DFG) approves second funding period for the investigation of polymer gels with a controlled network structure.
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Joining forces: Fast-as-lightning 3D microprinting with two lasers
Printing objects from plastic precisely, quickly, and inexpensively is the goal of many 3D printing processes. However, speed and high resolution remain a technological challenge. A research team from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Heidelberg University, and the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) has come a long way toward achieving this goal.
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WhiteCycle - DITF are part of an international consortium for plastics recycling
A consortium of 16 public and private sector organizations under the name 'WhiteCycle' has set itself the goal of establishing a comprehensive and closed-loop recycling system for plastic waste. German Institutes of Textile and Fiber Research Denkendorf (DITF) are part of this consortium and will make their contribution with a new synthesis process for processing recycled plastics.
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Intelligent, flexible 5G edge cloud architecture for production processes
Smart sensors that are wirelessly attached to the component, improve the understanding and control of production processes so that processes can be flexibly monitored and adaptively controlled. What sounds like a far-off vision of the future is already being implemented by the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT in Aachen, Germany.
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Textile electrodes for medtech applications
Nahtlos, an Empa spin-off, has received 1 million Swiss francs in a first round of financing from a network of business angels from Switzerland and Liechtenstein and from the Startfeld Foundation. With this funding, Nahtlos aims to drive the market entry of its newly developed textile-based electrode for medical applications.
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New research alliance QUANTIFISENS launched
The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is funding a new regional research alliance in Thuringia with approximately twelve million euros: QUANTIFISENS. The aim is to develop an innovative sensor platform based on fiber-optic and quantum technology processes.
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Laser-based silicon crystallization for monolithic integration in MEMS sensors
Micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) have proven themselves a billion times over as sensors in smart cars, cell phones and mini insulin pumps, among other things. To make these MEMS even more powerful in the future, researchers have developed a CMOS-compatible deposition and laser crystallization process.
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Sensor system with AI-driven biomarkers for patients with heart failure
The start of the innovation project "UNISONO: Sensor system for AI-driven clinical phenotyping with voice biomarkers for heart failure" was announced by Zana Technologies GmbH together with Cosinuss° GmbH and the Comprehensive Heart Failure Center (CHFC) at the University Hospital Würzburg.
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"Screw this!" – Spiral dislocation gives 3D topological photonics a robust edge
Researchers from the University of Rostock and Technion Haifa have created the first three-dimensional topological insulator for light. A judiciously placed screw dislocation allows optical signals to wind around the surface of a synthetic lattice while keeping it protected from scattering. Their discovery has recently been published in the renowned journal "Nature".
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Microscopic Octopuses from a 3D Printer
The microscopic creatures like geckos and octopuses fabricated by 3D laser printing at Heidelberg University could open up new opportunities in fields such as microrobotics or biomedicine.
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Time to manufacture fibre-optic medical devices significantly reduced
The time it takes to manufacture fibre-optic medical devices used in healthcare has been dramatically slashed, Heriot-Watt University has announced.
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"Placenta-on-a-chip": novel 3D microfluidic device uncovers complicated processes within the placenta
FAU-researchers develop and test a novel 3D microfluidic device to uncover complicated processes within the placenta. The "Placenta-on-a-chip" mimics malaria-infected nutrient exchange between mother and fetus.
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New production technology opens way to quantum light sources with fifiber optic compatibility
For the first time, a team led by the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) has now presented an appropriate production technology for single-photons using silicon nanopillars: a chemical etching method followed by ion bombardment.
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Split manufacturing for trustworthy electronics "Made in Germany"
A consortium of Fraunhofer institutes and well-known German industrial companies is developing a split-manufacturing approach for semiconductor production in the project "Distributed Manufacturing for Novel and Trustworthy Electronics T4T". This will enable the secure assembly of subsystems in Germany and safeguard supply chains.
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ENDOSMART® will become part of Alleima® Group
We would like to share the exciting news that Endosmart GmbH will be acquired by the Alleima Group. The combined expertise of the Endosmart and Alleima teams will strengthen our capability to support...
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Avery Dennison Medical Offers Adhesives for a Wide Variety of Wearable and IoT Applications at Medica 2022
Ready-to-use and Customized Solutions Available With Simplified Sampling MENTOR, OHIO — November 12, 2022 — Avery Dennison Medical, a leading supplier of pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) materials...
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How sustainable is STÜKEN MEDICAL?
Sustainability is coming into focus in the medical industry. More and more companies are questioning the environmental compatibility of the products they use. With the innovative deep drawing...
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Stowood launches Visi-Download 2 sleep analysis software at MEDICA 2022
Stowood, a specialist diagnostic company specialising in sleep disorders will be joining the ABHI UK Pavilion at MEDICA 2022 to showcase their sleep recorder products and launch their new software,...
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2San launches range of self-diagnostic tests in the UK
2San has today announced that it has expanded into the Self Diagnostics market – as it launches a range of home testing kits at the global trade fair Medica. Suppliers of affordable, accessible,...
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High Frequency Plastic Welding services for Healthcare Industry showcased at MEDICA 2022
Speed Plastics, a specialist in high frequency welding, will once again be at MEDICA 2022 to showcase the range of engineering and OEM services they offer healthcare companies. The engineering company...
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Pioneering pressure mattress solutions to be showcased at MEDICA 2022
A UK company, who specialises in the development and manufacture of ‘zero pressure’ technology will be at MEDICA 2022 to showcase their full range of pioneering mattress solutions.  ...
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Small yet robust enclosures are needed for the integration of miniaturised electronic components, sensors and radio technology. The MINI-DATA-BOX range of plastic enclosures by OKW Gehäusesysteme GmbH...
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Krebsdiagnostik der Zukunft dank hochinformativer Biomarker
·         Abklärungstest auf Gebärmutterhalskrebs erobert China ·         Früherkennung von Kopf-Hals-Tumoren...
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New technology simplifies and enhances the analysis and visualization of medical image data
Medical imaging generates a lot of data, for example during computer tomography. This data important when it comes to personalised medicine. Artificial intelligence methods, such as machine learning,...
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Artificial intelligence method allows personalised diagnosis of back problems in future
Back problems are generally regarded as a widespread disease Finding the exact cause of these problems is often difficult. A team of researchers from TU Kaiserslautern (TUK), the University Medical...
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Axer five - International Launch!
Over the last decade, Minimally Invasive Surgery has transcended by several dimensions due to the invention of vessel sealing with cutting, however, the use of disposable vessel sealers with cutters...
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KNF presents product premieres at Compamed 2022 - Higher dynamics, smoother and faster flow – new diaphragm pumps for advanced medical devices and diagnostic technology
Every year, when fall comes along, it is time for Compamed, the international trade fair for medical technology in Düsseldorf, Germany. From November 14–17, KNF will be presenting the latest gas and...
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CueSee® CO-OX a breakthrough product
Come visit Eurotrol (CueSee) for a demo! Co-oximetry determines levels of the various derivatives of hemoglobin (Hb) in patient’s blood. Being able to accurately detect and measure the...
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CueSee® Ringe The Future of Blood Gas Controls
Come visit Eurotrol (CueSee) for a demo! An innovative, patented packaging concept by Eurotrol that will modernize the in vitro diagnositc market. A special glass ampoule is sealed inside the CueSee®...
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State-of-the-art repair solutions supporting greater healthcare sustainability showcased at MEDICA 2022
Surgical Holdings – an award-winning British manufacturer and repairer of medical devices – will be joining the ABHI UK Pavilion at MEDICA 2022 to showcase how hospitals can manage and care for...
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PolyNovo Showcases Revolutionary NovoSorb® BTM Synthetic Wound Matrix Technology at MEDICA 2022
PolyNovo UK Ltd – a UK medical devices company specialising in the development of surgical solutions using the patented polymer technology NovoSorb® – will be joining the ABHI UK Pavilion at MEDICA...
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Innovia Medical showcases pioneering Gynaecology Product Cervical Rotating Biopsy Punch at MEDICA 2022
Innovia Medical is delighted to be showcasing their single-use instrument product line at MEDICA 2022, which includes the flagship Cervical Rotating Biopsy Punch. The single-use instrument supports...
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Innovative gas sampling lines and single-use laryngoscopes launched to European market at MEDICA 2022
PROACT Medical – a UK-based company specialising in the manufacture and supply of Patient Monitoring, Diagnostic and Airway Medical products – will be joining the ABHI UK Pavilion at MEDICA 2022 (14 –...
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Newest Innovation in Seating for Critical Care Patients Launched on ABHI UK Pavilion at MEDICA 2022
Seating Matters – a leading global manufacturer of therapeutic seating – will be joining the ABHI UK Pavilion at this year’s MEDICA trade fair (14 – 17 November 2022) where they will be...
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Anscare will Showcase the Portable NPWT SIMO System Meeting FDA Compliance at MEDICA 2022
Anscare will be participating in MEDICA 2022 on Nov 14-17. We join hands with BenQ Materials’ other medical brands, including SIGMA, Cenefom and CUUMed, to showcase our innovative products and...
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SIGMA will Showcase In-House Blown Medical Film Meeting MDR Compliance at Upcoming MEDICA 2022
SIGMA will be taking part in MEDICA 2022 from Nov 14 to 17. along with other medical brands under BenQ Materials’ Corporation including Anscare, Cenefom and CUUMed — we’ll be showcasing...
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Newly Launch DEFTFIX
Newly Launch DeftFix SHPOPL - takes pride to present, "DeftFix", a revolutionary software assisted external fixation device, which can be used for precise fracture reduction and limb...
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Cisteo MEDICAL is now FDA registered
As a critical subcontractor in the field of medical devices, Cisteo MEDICAL has chosen from the first years of its creation on to certify its quality management system according to ISO 13485. Today,...
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Eakin Surgical exhibits at MEDICA to offer customers bespoke ‘Surgical Surgery’
Eakin Surgical – a long-established UK single-use surgical instruments manufacturer – will be attending MEDICA 2022 to deliver bespoke ‘Surgical Surgery’ sessions to its customers...
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