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Trade fair snap shots from the halls

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Measure, analyze, treat – Smart Medical Systems for Theranostics

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Voices from COMPAMED 2017 – Visitors from all over the world meet old and new exhibitors

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Pumps: small helpers for big technology

3-D 'scaffold' map to help the search for new cancer treatments
Researchers have produced the first three-dimensional (3D) map of a molecular 'scaffold' called SgK223, known to play a critical role in the development and spread of aggressive breast, colon and pancreatic cancers.
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Electron microscopy uncovers unexpected connections in fruit fly brain
What was once thought to be a done-and-dusted map of the fruit fly brain has gotten a second look, and researchers have discovered that it's actually not done at all.
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Novel Nano-CT device creates high-resolution 3D-X-rays of tiny velvet worm legs
Computer Tomography (CT) is a standard procedure in hospitals, but so far, the technology has not been suitable for imaging extremely small objects. In PNAS, a team from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) describes a Nano-CT device that creates three-dimensional x-ray images at resolutions up to 100 nanometers.
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Chemists have created compounds that can treat glaucoma
Glaucoma is a serious disease associated with increased intraocular pressure which often leads to blindness. One of the ways to treat glaucoma is to reduce aqueous humour secretion in the ciliary body of the eye by suppressing (inhibiting) activity of special enzymes - carbonic anhydrases. Russian scientists have designed new compounds that can effectively reduce intraocular pressure.
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Just-in-time 3-D implants set to transform tumor surgery
A major new Australian research project using 3D implants and robotic surgery is set to radically advance the way physicians surgically treat tumours and bone cancer.
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Artificial intelligence to evaluate brain maturity of preterm infants
University of Helsinki researchers have developed artificial intelligence software, which can evaluate the maturity of a preterm infant’s brain directly from an EEG.
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Driving drug resistance out of fungi
New gene drive targeting a fungal pathogen enables identification of virulence regulators and potential future combination therapies.
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New tissue-engineered blood vessel replacements one step closer to human trials
Researchers at the University of Minnesota have created a new lab-grown blood vessel replacement that is composed completely of biological materials, but surprisingly doesn't contain any living cells at implantation. The vessel, that could be used as an "off the shelf" graft for kidney dialysis patients, performed well in a recent study with nonhuman primates.
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Antibiotics from a 'molecular pencil sharpener'
Scientists at Rutgers University-New Brunswick and other institutions have discovered a "molecular pencil sharpener" that chews away its outer coating to release the powerful antibiotic microcin B17.
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Method of accelerating the maturation of stem cells to form neurons discovered
Hydrogel can be used as a scaffold for engineering artificial brain tissue and promotes the development of neurons.
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HeadaTerm (TM): The Cost Would Not Add Pain to Migraine Patients
VANCOUVER, Canada, July 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Cost Can be a Major Roadblock in Migraine Therapy The team from conducted a survey in 2016 titled: "Migraine in America"...
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GlucoMe Initiative Launched to Support World Diabetes Day Awareness at Medica 2017
GlucoMe , an Israeli company that has developed a comprehensive digital diabetes care platform , has launched an initiative to support World Diabetes Day Awareness at the annual Medica 2017...
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Ginolis Announces Distribution Agreement with Darwin Microfluidics for Dispensing Pumps
Ginolis, a global supplier of production automation and dispensing solutions, today announced a distributor agreement with Darwin Microfluidics, an online supplier of microfluidic kits, products and...
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Addressing the medical wearable phenomenon
Professional battery manufacturer Accutronics will be exhibiting a range of products from Ultralife Corporation at this year’s Compamed trade show in Düsseldorf, Germany, from November 13-16.
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IRIS®II – Bionic vision system to compensate for blindness – microelectronics for a retinal implant
IMMS presents Pixium Vision‘s epi-retinal system at MEDICA, Nov 13th – 16th, Hall 3/G60 10th November 2017. At the MEDICA trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, IMMS will present a Bionic Vision...
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ZCS, the Automation & Healthcare divisions are out to conquer Medica Düsseldorf
The historic Automation and Healthcare divisions of Zucchetti Centro Sistemi SpA will be presented for the first time together at Medica, the World Forum for Medicine taking place in Düsseldorf from...
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PRS 500 B - "three clicks" leading to the perfect X-ray image
Interview with Björn Salwat, Managing Director Commercial, PROTEC GmbH & Co, KG X-ray technology is as important in human medicine as ever. However, the requirements placed on X-ray equipment and...
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EIT Digital and European partners to showcase their impactful digital wellbeing solutions at MEDICA 13-16 November 2017
·      From 13th to 16th November 2017 EIT Digital and its European partners will attend MEDICA Health IT Forum 2017 in Düsseldorf at the fair in Hall 15, at the co-exhibitor...
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PROTEC - experienced Original Equipment Manufacturer
Advantages of a cooperation with PROTEC Are you looking for individually adapted product components or systems for your company? So far, you have not found a partner who can implement your OEM...
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Celebrating 40 years of Anetic Aid
Anetic Aid is a British company that has been designing, supplying and supporting equipment for a wide variety of clinical environments since 1977. Renowned for innovation and high quality, it listens...
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Long-term implants: benefitting the healthcare system and patients

An implant shows signs of aging and fatigue after a certain amount of time inside the body. It must be replaced since its functionality can no longer be guaranteed. Unfortunately, the inevitable surgery is a major physical as well as mental strain for patients. Now twelve Fraunhofer Institutes have addressed this issue; among them is the Fraunhofer FEP with its knowledge in surface refinement.
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Active implants: tiny, but big comfort for patients

The trend towards miniaturization is progressing in medical technology. This in turn also means that electronics must be adapted to size relations, for example of implants. Smaller structures and components are in demand as never before. Thus, the demands on the technology and production simultaneously grow.
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