20 Years Components and Competences MedNet celebrates its birthday! -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


MedNet GmbH

20 Years Components and Competences MedNet celebrates its birthday!

Founded in 1990, MedNet GmbH has now been offering its customers a full service in the European Medical Market for 20 years. The sales and marketing company’s portfolio includes standard components for medical devices and customer optimized solutions. The newest innovations of their partner companies are presented this year at Compamed.

The use of fragile guide wires in vascular medicine is efficient but challenging. To improve the techniques in vascular procedures, Elcam Medical has developed the Haskal™ Guide Wire Torquer. The torquer can be side mounted by a simple pinch movement and sits nicely on the wire at any position. Traditional torquers are often difficult to move and to secure, with only one hand the new Haskal™ torquer can be repositioned and secured continuously. The quick, simple and intuitive new method of the torquer combines efficiency and innovative product design to the customer’s advantage. The Haskal™ torquer is suitable for all types of guide wires ranging from 0.010“ to 0.038“.

Further medical components, for example in infusion therapy are produced by NP Medical Inc. The American manufacturer is specialized in the development and production of reliable and efficient components for fluid and infusion management. A wide range of valves, including ones for high pressure applications, make up the product portfolio together with diverse filters. Many individual components are required in the assembly of tube sets, and in line with the “one stop shop” philosophy of MedNet, another partner Value Plastics, is a world leading producer of highly precise connecting parts from plastics. VP’s product range includes more than 3,300 configurations of connector material, usage and specifications.
For companies wishing to control product sterilization, MedNet offers special process indicator inks produced by the Argentinean company Terragene. Printed on the packaging, the ink changes colour to reflect if products have been sterilized or not. The ink can be used for different packaging materials and is available in different colours. The inks are either water based or solvent based and for all established sterilization processes.

MedNet meets individual customer needs with their well-known partner companies Da/Pro Rubber, Deringer-Ney and Foster. The production of high quality goods is a focus of these companies as is a close partnership with their customers who receive intensive assistance and technical support starting from initial concepts continuing through all the development stages until the project’s finalization.

Da/Pro Rubber utilizes unique processes to produce flash free Membranes, disposable valves, Septums, gaskets, plug inserts as well as combincation overmoulded elastomer - metal and elastomer - plastic parts.

Deringer-Ney offers ideal solutions for metal components and assemblies for medical technologies. Specialised in very tiny and precise components the company provides precious metal alloys. These components are typically used as electronic components for hearing aid, dental implants and for products in cardiology, endoscopy, neuro surgery among others.

When looking for raw materials with special characteristics, Foster Corporation offers solutions on an accurate polymer technology base. A broad selection of raw polymers is processed with value added materials to form compounds which are optimized for their application. Additives include colors and x-ray contrast material, as well as anti oxidants and stabilizers for light and temperature. Typical areas of application are minimally invasive catheters used in cardiology, radiology, oncology, neurology, urology and gastroenterology.

With this portfolio of carefully selected well-known manufacturers, MedNet supports its customers individually with the realization and optimization of their projects in the European market. Many solutions, including those hard to find, in the areas of torquers, tube connectors & valves among others can be found at Compamed, hall 8A booth G13 along with an invitation to celebrate the company’s 20th birthday.