A Company Restructures - Material Competence Par Excellence -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Vauth-Sagel / Westo GmbH Kunststofftechnik KG

A Company Restructures - Material Competence Par Excellence

For Vauth-Sagel, the current year has been very special in-deed: the tradition-rich group from Germany’s East West-phalia chose to undergo comprehensive strategic restruc-turing in the first quarter of 2011. Instead of each individual company within the group focusing on various markets, Vauth-Sagel is now, above all, concentrating on its exten-sive material competence and will be placing this expertise at the very centre of its activities for the benefit of its cus-tomers in future.
Regardless of whether an inquiry is about wood, wire, plastic, steel or sheet metal – or even material combinations and mod-ules – Vauth-Sagel bundles its extensive know-how and makes it available to its customers from the development of a product all the way through to its series-production readiness. As a result, Brakel-Erkeln-based Vauth-Sagel has become a valued partner to the furniture, automotive and caravan indus-tries as well as to the medical/care sector. Such high-level material competence is unrivalled within the supplier industry.
In line with the company’s restructuring, the family enter-prise’s Website has also received a complete makeover and is now easy to navigate and immediately provides information on the possibilities available to customers with Vauth-Sagel.
In addition to directly addressing customers, Vauth-Sagel’s everyday activities also include public presentations. To this end, the manufacturer attends numerous leading international trade fairs in various sectors with the aim of attending to exist-ing clients and cultivating new contacts.

A trustworthy partner for medical technology
In order to establish itself as a supplier for medical technology, a company must not only possess an above-average standard of quality but also - and above all - a sense of responsibility. Because human lives are at stake. Manufacturers of medical technology and rehabilitation and care products are not just providing technical equipment - they are providing relief and security. As supplier, Vauth-Sagel shares a high degree of re-sponsibility for its client’s reputation. Every day the client’s de-mands are our goal.
Because every detail counts. Accordingly, the group develops and manufactures with the highest degree of competence and commitment. A deciding advantage of Vauth-Sagel is the close alliance between development and production. Based on con-stant dialogue with the client, the project teams create series-production ready products that are subsequently manufactured in-house, thereby avoiding any loss of information. Vauth-Sagel has become an important supplier in the medical/care in-dustry. One reason for this is its exceptional development ex-pertise. In close cooperation with the client, Vauth-Sagel develops solutions that can transform the client’s stated requirements into highly-precise products suitable for the market. In order for this to succeed, the Westphalians submit all materials to strict quality controls from the development phase on.