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JEB Engineering Design Ltd.

An innovative percutaneous tracheostomy device

An innovative Percutaneous Tracheostomy Device

Handytrak™ uses a novel dilation mechanism which produces a controlled and evenly distributed lateral force with little requirement for large downwards force against the trachea, this will reduce Cartilage ring fracture. Anterior and posterior wall damage is prevented as there is no device contact with this area.
This innovative device will reduce discomfort to the subject and will significantly reduce Post Procedural Complications.
There is a Dilation diameter indicator integrated into the main body of the device and this is supported during use by a “clicking” haptic feedback.

The concept for this device was delivered to JEB and we have further developed it in conjunction with Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust & Health Enterprise East.
JEB Technologies Ltd brought to the project its wide range of manufacturing experience.
We have: -
• Developed the concept to ensure optimum performance of the product but with an eye to ease of manufacture.
• Produce prototypes and supported any required product testing.
• Guided the process of the device achieving regulatory requirements.
• Designed and produced fully validated processes for future onsite manufacture.