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Axon' Kabel GmbH

Antimicrobial cables and assemblies

8 out of 100! It is the average number of in-patients who catch a nosocomial infection in developed countries. It can come from contamination via surgical or medical instruments. Microbes can also build-up on cables or assemblies of medical devices including echographs, shavers and laparoscopes. In order to struggle against bacteria, virus and fungi, Axon’ Cable launches Noso-free®, an innovating range of medical cables and assemblies.

This patented process consists in integrating silver ion micro-flux into the jacket, moulding and overmoulding of the assemblies. The presence of silver ion at the surface disturbs or stops the process of growth and multiplication of bacterial cells. Noso-free® polymers are efficient against a large variety of virus and bacteria including bacteria which resist antibiotics.

Other advantage: any polymer can be modified with antibacterial agents. The manufacturing process does not affect neither the properties, nor the colour, nor the biocompatibility of the materials. The antibacterial activity is efficient during the whole lifetime of the cable or the assembly.

About Axon’ Cable
The Axon’ group specialise in designing and manufacturing high tech conductors, electronic cables and interconnect solutions for markets such as medical, consumer electronics, telecommunications, computer, automotive, military, aeronautics and space.
The headquarters of company is situated in Montmirail in France (100 km east of Paris) and employs 1700 staff world-wide in 10 subsidiaries in Europe, America and Asia.
Its consolidated turnover amounts to 92 million € in 2008. 60 % of the sales are achieved in export.