Axon’ launches PTFE tubes for intracerebral microcatheters -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


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Axon’ launches PTFE tubes for intracerebral microcatheters

Up to 20µ ! This is the thickness of the PTFE tubes that Axon’Cable manufacture for intracerebral microcatheters. Until now, manufacturers of microcatheters could find tubes only with a minimum thickness of 70 µ.
The surface of the tube developed by Axon’ can be made adhesive without any chemical treatment which avoids the formation of cracks in the tube wall. A thermoplastic layer can then be added by co-extrusion to obtain the catheter.
The platinum wire which the surgeon inserts into the catheter does not meet any obstacles as the tube wall remains sliding.

Delivered on a SPC conductor and on spools, the tube is protected and not flattened.
Manufacturers of catheters can then cut the tube to the requested length to manufacture their microcatheters.

These catheters are used to treat intracranial aneurism. They enable to slide a platinum wire into the haematoma which forms in the brain when the venous wall gets weaker.
Once placed, the wire permanently remains and helps the haematoma to resorb and protects the weakened wall.

Inert, biocompatible, antiadhesive, the PTFE is a material which particularly meets the requirements of medical applications. They can be used as tubes, tapes or insulating material.

About Axon’

The Axon' group specialise in designing and manufacturing high tech conductors, tubes, electronic cables and interconnect solutions for markets such as medical, consumer electronics, telecommunications, computer, automotive, military, aeronautics, space, etc.
The company employs 1900 staff world-wide in 10 subsidiaries (France, China, Germany, Great-Britain, Hungary, Latvia, Mexico, Spain, USA, Japan).
Its consolidated turnover amounts to 92 million Euro in 2008. 60 % of sales are achieved in export.