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Gardner Denver Thomas GmbH

BLDC Compressor – Compact Model

Thomas has now added a new member to its aluminium compact series – the new series 2220 WOB-L piston compressor, the smallest representative so far. Weighing just 0.7 kg and only 119 x 67 x 96.5 mm (LxWxH), the proportions are ideal for integration in portable oxygen concentrators etc.

The unit is driven by an adjustable brushless DC motor (BLDC) which makes it possible to vary the flow rate up to 34 l/min. The maximum continuous pressure is 2.1 bar, which requires additional cooling air. The maximum service life is up to 16,000 hours.

Model 2220 is fitted with a patented, one piece moulded pump head which considerably reduces the risk of leaks.
With the tried-and-tested WOB-L piston technology and closed crankcase, the operating noise is significantly reduced to only 45dB (A). Installation is made easier by mounting options located at the centre of gravity of the pump. Aside from medical technology, the product is also ideal for applications where a small, quiet, lightweight compressor is required with controllable air flow.