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Bandy - Semiautomatic Station

BANDY is the semiautomatic station to cut tubing to length, coiling and banding with cohesive tape.
The machine is made by a cutting unit, bench-top, which can work alone, or be connected to a stand-alone uncoiler for the tubing supplied in reels; a coiling & banding unit can also be added.
In this standard configuration, BANDY cuts the tubing to length, directly from reel, coils-it-up with the required dimensions and shape, applies a band of cohesive tape in the preset configuration, and then automatically discharges the piece.

The “modular” system allows quick connection of the 3 units: the cutter requires only the electrical supply; the uncoiler connects directly to the cutter, as well as the coiler/bander which just needs the compressed air supply.

BANDY is mainly indicated to improve productivity and quality of medical subassemblies such as: infusion sets, heparin lines, extension lines, etc.

Tubing length, diameter of the coil, length and position of the free tubing ends, and type of banding, can be adjusted.
In the standard configuration, BANDY can process medical tubing of different elastomers, with external diameter from 2mm to 4.1mm and banding is made with a band of 13mm-wide medical grade cohesive tape (with or free of Latex).
Average productivity at tubing length up to 1500mm, with single banding, is 600 pcs/hour (productivity is subject to tubing length and configuration of product).