Banner advertising on the Internet portal of COMPAMED

Expandable Banner

Graphic: Expandable Banner
  • Appears at an exclusive point in the top right-hand corner of the starting page of the portal, on “Companies & Products“, on “Visitor Service“ or on “Conferences & Forums“
  • Unfolds when clicked on so as to display your complete advertising message
  • Dimensions: Starting view (folded up): 160px wide x 192px high – Full view (folded out): 720px wide x 192px high

Tip: Book an additional banner format on the pages Companies & Products or Exhibitor Service so as to be present everywhere.

COMPAMED Home: € 3,000.– plus VAT
Companies & Products: € 2,500.– plus VAT
Conferences & Forums: € 700.– plus VAT
Visitor Service: € 2,500.– plus VAT

Skyscraper Banner

Graphic: Skyscraper Banner
  • Large banner in vertical format that adjoins the editorial content on the right
  • Optimum integration into the page so that users perceive the banner as integral component of the page
  • Can be booked on various pages (“Home“, “Companies & Products“, “Visitor Service“, “Conferences & Forums“)
  • Dimensions: 160px wide x 600px high

COMPAMED Home: € 1,600.– plus VAT
Companies & Products: € 1,600.– plus VAT
Conferences & Forums: € 550.– plus VAT
Visitor Service: € 850.– plus VAT

Billboard Banner - NEW!

Graphic: Billboard Banner
  • Suitable for branding or dialogue-based advertising campaigns
  • Appears on “Companies & Products“ above the trade show header
  • Dimensions: 945px wide x 150px high

Price: Companies & Products € 5,500.– plus VAT

Vertical Banner

Graphic: Vertical Banner
  • Medium-sized banner in vertical format that adjoins the editorial content on the right
  • The generous dimensions of the banner offer a great deal of space for design and communication content of your advertising
  • Can be booked on various pages (“Home“, “Companies & Products“, “Conferences & Forums“, “Visitor Service“)
  • Dimensions: 160px wide x 240px high

COMPAMED Home: € 600.– plus VAT
Companies & Products: € 600.– plus VAT
Conferences & Forums: € 300.– plus VAT
Visitor Service: € 450.– plus VAT

Head Banner

Graphic: Head Banner
  • Appears at an exclusive point in the top right corner of all pages of the ticket shop (visitor registration).
  • Dimensions: 160px wide x 192px high

Price: € 450.– plus VAT

Fullsize Banner

Graphic: Fullsize Banner
  • Horizontal-format banner in the “Companies & Products“ database, one of the most highly frequented pages
  • Stretches over the entire width of the exhibitor and product search
  • Dimensions: 468px wide x 60px high

Price: € 450.– plus VAT

Button Banner

Graphic: Button Banner
  • Your entry banner in the trade fair portal
  • Can be booked on “Companies & Products“
  • Dimensions: 160px wide x 60 px high

Tip: Our free supplementary service for you: If you have already booked the logo, we shall turn it into an attractive, animated advertising banner.

Price: € 300.– plus VAT

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