RRC power solutions GmbH

Battery Pack + Charger Board + Housing = Total Power Solutions Made by RRC

Charger board with Li-ion battery pack RRC2040

Imagine, your development gets a completely tailored power pack to your needs consisting of a battery pack, charger board and associated CAD housing data and this Made in Germany. This desire you may meet RRC with its standard battery pack with the cell configurations "2SxP, 3SxP and 4SxP". The charger board includes a power supply and a battery supply with a SMBus management. Through the SMBus technology, the batteries are intelligently charged and thus their life and capacity optimizes. The supply voltage is in a range of 12 to 24VDC. Therefore your application can operated directly from the power supply or even by the battery. The change of power supply to battery operation happens automatically. We provide you the adequate housing data for the entire power supply part with battery slot, which you can then integrate into your CAD mechanics data. The savings regarding development time, time to market and costs of development will be significant.