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Biopryl Range

Flexico, the European leader in flexible resealable packaging, is an eco-citizen company. Committed actor in biodegradable packaging, Flexico has developed a Biopryl® range of biodegradable films and bags which can be printed with water inks. To support you further in your ecologic enterprise, we offer you to print bags with water inks, without any solvents.

The Biopryl® range is composed of two types of biodegradable raw material:
• an oxobiodegradable film answering to environmental issues, particularly to visual pollution
• an compostable film in compliance with EN 13432 standard Some definitions:
Biodegradability: « Intrinsic capacity of a material to be degraded by a microbial attack, to simplify gradually its structure and finally be easily converted in water, CO2 and\or CH4 and a new biomass. » Compostage : « Biologic process which consists in treating organic waste under specific conditions (temperature, humidity, oxygenation, presence of micro-organisms of the ground...) to realize a solid residue, rich in humus. »