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Gel directs nerve cells

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Injuries of the nerves often cause permanent damage, because the nerve fibers do not grow together properly. This is why biomedical research is looking for ways to promote their growth and healing inside the body. Learn in our news which role the so-called "Anisogel" plays in this.

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Interview: Artificial silk of green lacewings
Video: Shapes, colors, safety
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Shapes, colors, safety – Re-Design in medical technology


Image: Preview of the current video
When is the redesign of a medical device necessary? And what relevance does it have in the medical technology sector? We informed ourselves about this and visited WILDDESIGN Germany and Salvia medical. Here we learned the reasons for redesigning medical devices and we found out what this type of process looks like.
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Shapes, colors, safety – Re-Design in medical technology
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Materials Science

Scientists created nanopowders for the synthesis of new aluminum alloys

The project received support from the Regional Science Foundation and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research in the competition for oriented interdisciplinary research in 2016. The results of the research were published in the journals "Physics of the Solid State", "Vacuum" and "Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism".
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Artificial silk of green lacewings for medical technology talks about...

Bild: Egg stalks produced by green lacewings ; Copyright: Wikimedia Commons, Karthik R. Bhat
Researchers have often "looked over nature’s shoulder", sometimes with amazing results. Now the lacewing was given this honor. The way they put their eggs on bend-resistant stems, researchers want to use for new films, globules or capsules. COMPAMED has asked how far the process has progressed.
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Artificial silk of green lacewings for medical technology
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Electrical Engineering & Nanotechnology

Nano-SPEARs gently measure electrical signals in small animals

Microscopic probes developed at Rice University have simplified the process of measuring electrical activity in individual cells of small living animals. The technique allows a single animal like a worm to be tested again and again and could revolutionize data-gathering for disease characterization and drug interactions.
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Electrical Engineering & Nanotechnology

A simple sniff

Delivering life-saving drugs directly to the brain in a safe and effective way is a challenge for medical providers. One key reason: the blood-brain barrier, which protects the brain from tissue-specific drug delivery. Methods such as an injection or a pill aren't as precise or immediate as doctors might prefer, and ensuring delivery right to the brain often requires invasive, risky techniques.
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Laboratory Medicine & Hygiene

How do metals interact with DNA?

To fight cancer, every year thousands of chemical substances are screened for their potential effects on tumor cells. Once a compound able to inhibit cancer cell growth is found, it still takes several years of research until the drug gets approved and can be applied to patients.
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Materials & Production

Researchers make flexible glass for tiny medical devices

Brigham Young University researchers have developed new glass technology that could add a new level of flexibility to the microscopic world of medical devices.
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Distribution Agreement with Hologic for Tumark clipmarker

SOMATEX Medical Technologies GmbH

Berlin, Germany — April 3, 2017— SOMATEX® Medical Technologies GmbH today announced a distribution partnership agreement with Hologic, Inc., a leading provider of medical imaging systems, effective...
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