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Teamwork in the chest

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The team is always more than the sum of its parts, but this does not make the single parts less important. They are even vitally important in the case of cardiac pacemakers, because they only control the heartbeat correctly as long as they work together smoothly. We took a closer look at some components of cardiac pacemakers and their functions in our current Special.

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Special: Cardiac pacemaker
Interview: Protein nanofibers
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Protein nanofibers: building blocks of future medical technology talks about...

Image: Illustration of hybrid protein nanofibers during their formation; Copyright: Dr. Izabela Firkowska-Boden/FSU Jena
Science keeps taking cues from nature. Medical technology also often uses materials from nature or finds inspiration in natural phenomena – as is the case with protein nanofibers. Due to their outstanding properties, a reproduction of this natural building block is especially valuable for medical purposes.
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Protein nanofibers: building blocks of future medical technology
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Ultrasound helmet would make live images, brain-machine interface possible

Ultrasound technology for the brain could mean real-time images during surgery, a better idea of which areas get stimulated by certain feelings or actions and, ultimately, an effective way for people to control software and robotics by thinking about it.
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Luke Skywalker's hand inspires scientists to create robotic skin

Scientists at the University of Bristol are engineering human skin on artificial robotic muscles that can stretch and bend the tissue just like in the real world. This living and moving skin equivalent represents a much more realistic model of human skin and it could have potential applications for burns patients needing skin grafts.
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3-D printing is transforming care for congenital heart disease

3-D printing is an emerging technology that is impacting the way cardiologists treat patients with congenital heart disease (CHD), according to a review paper published today in JACC: Basic to Translational Science.
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Laboratory Medicine & Hygiene

New tool for infection prevention

Researchers developed a new colour-coded visual tool called Infection Risk Scan, or IRIS, which is set to make it easier for healthcare workers to measure in which areas a hospital complies with guidelines and where it needs to implement measures to improve infection control and the use antimicrobial therapies, according to research presented at the 28th ECCMID.
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Cardiac pacemakers: powerful teamwork in small format


Image: Gear wheels forming a heart on a table from above; Copyright:
A pacemaker is a technical marvel. For its small size it does incomparable things: it sets the right pace for a sick heart – every single second. In order for it to fulfil its vital function, many components must work together smoothly. Each of them is responsible for a specific task and must also meet special requirements. Learn more in our Special.
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Cardiac pacemakers: powerful teamwork in small format
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Materials & Production

Highly elastic biodegradable hydrogel for bioprinting of new tissues

Researchers at The University of Texas at Arlington have developed a highly elastic biodegradable hydrogel for bio-printing of materials that mimic natural human soft tissues. Bio-printing uses live cells within the scaffolding of the new tissues and could potentially transform cell printing.
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