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Mobile individual production

Dear Sir or Madam,

Bye bye delivery times: How would you feel if your ordered medical device was manufactured directly where you need it? With CassaMobile, this could be possible in the future. You can read in our current interview at what is behind the idea of the mobile container factory and to what extent it contributes to the expansion of individual medical products.

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Special: Wearables and their technology
Interview: CassaMobile
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Smart, smarter, TEXIBLE – sensor textiles for healthcare


Image: Production of sensor textiles; Copyright: TEXTIBLE GmbH
Smartphone, smart TV, smart home – intelligent devices have become an integral part of our lives. Even textiles – especially those used in the healthcare sector – are increasingly equipped with sensors, allowing them to fulfill various functions while they go unnoticed by users. That is also the idea behind TEXIBLE.
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Smart, smarter, TEXIBLE – Sensortextilien für die Pflege
Wearables and their technology: discreetly intelligent
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3D fab+print Additive Manufacturing Conference

Learn from 3D experts

Image: 3D fab+print Additive Manufacturing Conference; Copyright: Messe Düsseldorf
On Monday, 12 November 2018, a full-day Conference on Additive Manufacturing for medical applications will be organized at MEDICA / COMPAMED, where global professionals can gain (more) insight in the most interesting developments.
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3D fab+print Additive Manufacturing Conference

Electrical Engineering & Nanotechnology

Biosensor allows real-time monitoring for organs-on-a-chip

A new biosensor allows researchers to track oxygen levels in real time in "organ-on-a-chip" systems, making it possible to ensure that such systems more closely mimic the function of real organs. This is essential if organs-on-a-chip hope to achieve their potential in applications such as drug and toxicity testing.
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Laboratory Medicine & Hygiene, Mechanical & Process Engineering

Chips, light and coding moves the front line in beating bacteria

The never-ending fight against bacteria has taken a turn in humanity's favor with the announcement of a tool that could give the upper hand in drug research. Bacterial resistance to antibiotics has produced alarming headlines in recent years, with the prospect of commonly prescribed treatments becoming obsolete setting off alarm bells in the medical establishment.
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CassaMobile: customized medical products made in the container talks about...

Image: Internal life of the container; Copyright: fraunhofer IPA
The manufacturing of customized products takes time. Many components are produced away from the customer or end-user and can often not be delivered in a week's time – time that is often not available in medical cases such as an impending surgery. In the future, the Fraunhofer IPA aims to manufacture products right where they are needed. How? With a mobile factory system in a container!
Read more in the interview!
CassaMobile: customized medical products made in the container
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Mechanical & Process Engineering

Building a safer heart pump

Blood pumps are increasingly a bridge-to-transplant for patients with end-stage heart disease or heart failure, but blood clots and strokes can put patients in peril before they receive a donor heart. Now a four-year, $3 million grant from the National Institutes of Health may solve this problem and perhaps open the pumps' use for less-sick patients who could benefit from them.
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Materials & Production

OLED integration in textiles: functional and eye-catching

Organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) are mainly known from televisions and smartphone displays. The Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP as a partner for customer-specific OLED development and production is now presenting OLED elements that can be integrated into textiles. OLED could be used for medical treatment aswell.
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General Company News

ALBIS PLASTIC introduces the ALCOM® MED product line portfolio and invests in the Hamburg site


Hamburg, 06/18/2018. ALBIS PLASTIC GmbH are expanding their product portfolio to include customized compounds for healthcare applications such as medical products, pharmaceutical packaging and...
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General Company News

Spacelabs Healthcare celebrates 60 years of innovation

Spacelabs Healthcare GmbH

SNOQUALMIE, Wash., August 27, 2018 (BUSINESS WIRE) — This month marks the 60th anniversary of a pioneering medical telemetry company that helped enable the first American spacewalk and the historic...
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