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Canadian Exhibitor WAT Med Helps to Fight Cancer

The MD Anderson Cancer Center is a globally recognized cancer research organization. With emphasis on cancer patient care, research, education, and prevention, the center is devoted to the goal of eliminating cancer worldwide.

To support this cause, WAT Med will implement a donation system benefiting the MD Anderson Cancer Center. Starting November 1st, 2018, $1 will be donated to the center for every EmeTerm sold on

EmeTerm is an anti-nausea wristband that can help patients who are undergoing chemotherapy or who have undergone surgery and suffer from nausea and vomiting. The device has been certified by FDA and is available on Amazon.

WAT Med is located in Vancouver, Canada, and develops safe, effective, and user-friendly wearable medical devices. It focuses on chronic and functional diseases and conditions.

Find out more about WAT Med and the MD Anderson Cancer Center at and

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