SCHOTT AG:Light Innovations in the Healthcare Industry

Light is indispensable in the field of healthcare and gives doctors deeper insights, from endoscopy to dental treatments. The technology group SCHOTT has been providing innovative impulses with its customized LED and fiber optic solutions for medical technology in this field of competence for over 50 years. For example, the Lighting and Imaging division will be showing its new lighting module SCHOTT® LEDgine 4 for coupling high-performance LED light into glass fiber bundles as well as the eco-friendly, long-term stable PURAVIS® fibers that have already conquered a wide range of applications, in Hall 8b, booth H08 at COMPAMED 2016.

Image: Surgeon who wears a face mask and is illuminated from below; Copyright: SCHOTT AG


Light guides patients through hospitals safely, informs on the operating conditions of equipment and even transports biological signals. But the demands healthcare or medical places on lighting and its quality hardly stop here. Ever thinner optic light guides, brighter light and uniform, true-color illumination for accurate tissue differentiation within the body or in the oral cavity are also needed. Medical technology solutions for these uses must be safe and durable enough for the highly sensitive life science market. At the same time, the lighting technology is designed to support a sleek design and meet ergonomic and economic needs in everyday practice.

With this complete claim, SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging has been developing innovative lighting and image transmission solutions for various applications for over 50 years. The needs of the end users and the medical device industry are its main focus. As part of customer-specific product developments, SCHOTT combines LED systems and fiber optics to produce integrated lighting systems with high brightness and color temperatures adapted to suit the application.

SCHOTT® LEDgine 4 for endoscopy light guides

SCHOTT has now developed an improved lighting module at the interface of these systems: LEDgine 4 is used for efficient coupling of high-power LED light in glass fiber bundles with small dimensions. This module is ideal for use in medical applications in which optical fibers with active diameters of 3.0 to 5.0 millimeters are used. Compared to the previous models, it has very high luminous intensity and its color temperature and CRI (Color Rendering Index) are custom configurable.

The LEDgine optics module contains not only high brightness LEDs and focusing optics but also its own active cooling device. With its separate control electronics, the LEDgine4 can be operated in different modes such as the trigger mode. The product will be presented for the first time at the SCHOTT booth (Hall 8b, Booth H08) at COMPAMED and be available starting in the first quarter of 2017.

PURAVIS®: The highest quality as a fiber or a rod

PURAVIS® step index fibers are yet another exhibition topic. Thanks to the use of select raw materials and special production methods, they offer many advantages such as high luminous efficiency and transmittance for white light and low color shifts and adulterations. The eco-friendly high-tech fibers are produced without using lead, antimony and arsenic. They are strong, biocompatible and can be autoclaved a number of times.

PURAVIS® fibers are available with different numerical apertures (GOF70, GOF85 and GOF120). All variants improve the blue light components and transmit near UV light waves. They therefore lend themselves for use in modern disciplines such as fluorescence diagnosis, surgical microscopy, endoscopy, and light therapy. For use in dental treatments, SCHOTT has processed the fiber optic light guides into rigid rods for handpieces for a wide variety of designs in 2D and 3D shapes.


Christine Fuhr
PR Manager Marketing and Communication