Chemical resistant vacuum pump for rapid evacuation -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


KNF Neuberger GmbH, Membranpumpen + Systeme

Chemical resistant vacuum pump for rapid evacuation

Pumping aggressive gases and vapors with high suction capacity can be difficult, especially when absolute pressure is low. Fortunately, the new N 940.5 TTE from KNF Neuberger overcomes this challenge. This vacuum pump is further characterized by its high gas-tightness (leak rate: < 6 x 10-3 mbar x l/s) and ability to pump without adding contamination.

On conventional pumps, the elastic diaphragm tends to bulge outward due to the pressure differential with the environment, resulting in significantly lower suction speed as absolute pressure (vacuum) drops. But thanks to its patented diaphragm stabilization system, which virtually eliminates the pressure differential between the two sides of the diaphragm, the new pump from KNF exhibits an outstanding flow rate across its entire working range. The results are faster evacuation than ever before as well as higher process stability.

The pump achieves ultimate vacuum of 2 mbar absolute and pumps up to 48 liters per minute with low noise and low oscillation. It is maintenance free and has high long-term vacuum stability. All parts contacting the medium are constructed of PTFE and PVDF, making it ideal for analytical and process-oriented applications as well as general laboratory purposes.