CleanFlex® HeaderBags for medical applications -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Bischof + Klein GmbH & Co. KG

CleanFlex® HeaderBags for medical applications

The word „pandemic“ is present all over. For the pharmaceutical industry this means intensifying efforts in vaccines development, planning and building-up production capacities. Here Ready-to-use syringes are the primary packaging’s first choice most of the time.

As bulk packaging of those syringes, often so called HeaderBags are used – also a new CleanFlex® clean room packaging product of Bischof + Klein. With the capabilities of extrusion, -printing and bag-making in clean room class 5 in accordance to DIN EN ISO 14644-1, B+K is already uniquely prepared for the rising cleanliness demands of the pharmaceutical industry.

Every product, requiring gas-sterilisation, is offering further possibilities of use (e.g. clean room textiles or medical devices).

Therewith B+K is already now manufacturing tomorrows clean products.