CleanFlex® High-Containment Systems -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Bischof + Klein GmbH & Co. KG

CleanFlex® High-Containment Systems

High-Containement systems become more and more important. The encapsulation of complete processes offers improved protection for operators and product safety, at the same time it taps the full potential of cost-saving in the classic clean room environment.

Due to the rising requirements, besides the established process steps like extrusion, conversion and printing, B+K has established further production possibilities for tailor-made containment-systems under clean room conditions. These have been enlarged and optimised lastly. The equipment of packaging materials made out of PE, Tyvek® or laminations with individual spouts, valves or connectors creates the basis for different port systems.

Also for other systems, which are based on spedifically film know-how, B+K produces optimal film versions. These CleanFlex® films using a special sealing-cutting-process fulfill the idea of complete containment.

Adjusted to the respective systems engineering, B+K together with its partners creates tailor-made containment-packaging-solutions for the usage in isolators or RABS.

Based on flexible materials, these components, as a part of a high-containment-system, offer significant cost-saving-potentials compared to so far popular stain-less steel once.

The B+K CleanFlex® team is looking forward to talk to you about it – Visit our stand 8aD14.