Pekago Covering Technology

Cost Reduction Scan helps analysing if plastic covers or parts are more economical

Could plastic coverings be a pro?
In today's market the need for continuous improvement and cost reduction is growing rapidly. Differentiation of product/market combinations, rising costs for raw materials, labour and energy and competition from low-wage countries are adding to the constraints and challenges faced by your R&D and engineering departments all the time. And this not only impacts new products – cost reduction/redesign projects for existing products have now also become the order of the day.

Knowledge of different technologies, opportunities and limitations is essential to enable you to obtain quick results. To provide you with practical assistance based on our in-depth experience with these matters, Pekago Covering Technology has introduced the Cost Reduction Scan. The scan helps identify potential cost reductions for housings, cabinets, frames and machine coverings as well as technical components.

How do I get a Cost Reduction Scan?

Simply get in touch through info@pekago.nl or call the contact persons mentioned!