Customized Elastomer Products -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Da/Pro Rubber, Inc.

Customized Elastomer Products

The development and production of customized elastomer components are offered by our partner company Da/Pro Rubber. Their focus is to manufacturer customized components ranging from plungers and membranes up to implantable molded shapes. Their chemists work with pharmaceutical and medical device designers to custom compound materials that work in all environments including contact with human fluids, sterilization, implantable grade materials, class VI grade or European Pharmacopeia silicones, and custom compounds. Documentation and testing for assistance in the approval process will be provided.

Engineers at Da/Pro work with the device manufacturers to provide the most cost effective and efficient solutions. Da/Pro´s engineers review designs and recommend changes that will make the parts mold more effectively.
Production ranging from small to high quantities can be realized in a cleanroom class 10,000 environment.