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DCA and The Sunday Times International Track 100

DCA has won a début place on a new and prestigious league table of Britain’s 100 fastest-growing international export stars.

The Sunday Times International Track 100 was published for the first time on 11th July, ranking Britain’s private companies with the fastest-growing international sales over the last two years.

Despite generally challenging trading conditions, the top 100 companies’ international sales grew over two years to a total of £2.2bn. The league table lists DCA’s international sales growth as averaging 45.43% over this period.

Eight companies head-quartered in the Midlands, including DCA, have made a stellar contribution to the local economy over the last two years, despite the downturn. During this time, they have added 197 jobs, and now employ a total of 1,008 people. International sales have grown to a combined total of more than £89m, representing an average of 50% of the companies’ total sales of £180m.

International Track 100 private companies range from windscreen wiper makers to vintners and, of course, includes our very own and very strong creative sector!

‘It is fantastic to be ranked in this league table. The ranking is the result of a huge amount of hard work from all of the team at DCA. The level of sales growth DCA has produced reflects recognition by clients of the real value of the creative work that DCA provides. The tangible results for them are hundreds of valuable patents and numerous commercially successful products, producing a positive difference to their bottom-line profits today and potential for growth in market share tomorrow. Our aim is to assist our clients to significant success through design and thereby be successful ourselves,’ comments Rob Woolston, DCA’s Managing Director and Head of the Medical and Scientific sector.