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Modern Dialog.

The innovative wall-mounted and desktop series DIATEC was recently enhanced by two practical new sizes. DIATEC has an unobtrusive, flat design, which gives an aesthetically attractive appearance to modern control and regulation centres. The control panel is located centrally and forms the main focus of the design and, together with the rounded side panels, it forms a self-contained unit.

The latest product group consists of 4 basic designs - the existing versions S (200 x 210 x 48 mm) and M (200 x 270 x 48 mm) as well as the two additional versions XS, with the dimensions 155 x 150 x 37 mm (L x W x H) and L - 200 x 330 x 48 mm. The designs of sizes S, M and L are identical, each with a top and a bottom part and two snap-in panels which can be blocked if required to prevent unauthorised opening. For flexible partitioning and division of the interior, OKW offers special slot-in panels as accessories. This allows the complete pre-assembly of the electronics unit. The technician on site only has to mount the unit on the wall and connect up the relevant leads. Connection can be done from the left and/or from the right-hand side without the actual case having to be opened; only the snap-on covers have to be opened. To cover the dialog field, suitable "hinged lid" are also available in the range of accessories (for S, M and L), either in the case colours, translucent or transparent. The smallest version XS has a two-piece structure with an identical design, with a top and a bottom part but without the range of accessories described above.

Through the use of the preformed guides, the bottom part of the case from the DIATEC series also functions as a wall bracket. The flush, recessed areas which are also located in the bottom part are ideal for installation purposes and for the protection of interfaces, screwed cable glands, connectors etc. The DIATEC case range is available from stock in the two colours grey white (RAL 9002) and lava (NCS S 7502-B), made of high-grade ABS (UL 94 HB). The upper and lower parts already contain the attachment pillars required for the installation of boards. During the design stage, the need for a possible battery operation was also considered and special brackets were integrated.