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Dynamis Batterien GmbH

DYNAMIS Test Laboratory for Batteries

Our test laboratory located in Dettingen/Konstanz, Germany, provides numerous test services for customers, including testing in accordance with international standards for cells and batteries.

We offer a large variety of tests, electrical tests e.g.:
-Transport safety tests according to UN 38.3 requirements.
-Safety for use in application according to IEC 62133 requirements.
-Long term / short term cycling performance for systems up to 80V (50A) or 5V (500A), climate control possible.
-Various charging and discharging tests.
-Simulations, project-/special application-defined testing for cells and batteries of all technologies.
-Combinations of mechanical/environmental and electrical tests upon request.

The service is open to all customers and not limited to customers procuring battery systems solely from DYNAMIS only.