Deringer Ney Inc announces the launch of Medical Interconnect, LLC -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Deringer-Ney, Inc.

Deringer Ney Inc announces the launch of Medical Interconnect, LLC

Deringer Ney Inc, a 198 year old precious metals company, announces the launch of Medical Interconnect, LLC in the Minneapolis MN area. Medical Interconnect will leverage Deringer Ney’s history and expertise in the development of Bio-Compatible alloys and Micro Electronic Connectors, applying these technologies to the medical device industry. The mission of Medical Interconnect will be to focus on developing solutions to the growing challenge of the increasing density and miniaturization of interconnections amongst the elements of implantable and acute care systems.

Medical Interconnect will expand their technologies and knowhow and apply them to both existing and developmental medical systems. Focusing on this interconnection challenge, the company is currently developing technology for high density connectors to greatly enhance the number of electrical connections achievable in an implantable device. With the ability to support larger numbers of conductors, and therefore more body interfacing electrodes, medical device developers will have much greater latitude to envision new therapies to address currently untreatable diseases.

Located in a Blaine, Minnesota facility are a design group, prototyping machining capabilities and a testing laboratory. These services are also made available to potential customers in order to assist them in the development of new products. Medical Interconnect's parent corporation will provide a sound manufacturing basis for commercializing the novel concepts.