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Differential Pressure Measurement with High Accuracy

SDP600 Series
Sensirion’s digital differential pressure sensors in the SDP600 series have been used successfully in medical equipment and HVAC applications since 2009. The results from practical experience and tests exceed even the ambitious expectations. In particular, the zero-point accuracy specification has been improved significantly and is now stated as a maximum deviation of 0.2 Pa.

The first dynamic digital differential pressure sensor from Sensirion, the SDP600 series, was awaited with great anticipation. This was hardly surprising, since the advance specifications of the small, fully calibrated sensor included outstanding long-term stability and a short response time along with high accuracy and sensi-tivity, even with very small differential pressures (less than 10 Pa).

Accumulated practical experience with the sensor and test results now show that the performance exceeds the high standard of the advance specifications. In par-ticular, the range of zero-point variation is three times less than expected. The maximum deviation from the zero point was originally specified as 0.5 Pa, but now it has been restated as 0.2 Pa. The SPD600 series also solidly fulfils its ex-pectations with regard to reliability and other specifications. With this, the new sensor achieves the level of more expensive reference products.

These economical sensors have additionally also been well accepted in the marketplace. The SDP600 series has been used successfully in medical technology and the HVAC sector for six months now. More than half a million sensors have already been produced and sold. Sensirion is accordingly confident that these new differential pressure sensors will soon establish a position as an industry standard.

Free samples of the SDP610 can be requested via www.sensirion.com/sampling. Additional information, including a data sheet and previous press release, is also available on our website (see www.sensirion.com/sdp6x0).