Digital Differential Pressure Sensors with Very Low Measurement Ranges -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Sensirion AG

Digital Differential Pressure Sensors with Very Low Measurement Ranges

Differential Pressure mit low measurement ranges
Sensirion has recently launched two new versions of its differential pressure sensors with-in the SDP600 series. The new sensors SDP6x0-125Pa and SDP6x0-25Pa feature particularly low measurement ranges of -125 to +125 Pa and -25 to +25 Pa, respectively. Due to their better resolution, the new products have improved zero point accuracy of 0.1 Pa. In addition, zero point repeatability reaches a remarkable 0.05 Pa for the 125Pa ver-sion and 0.03 Pa for the 25Pa version. The new differential pressure sensors are excellent solutions for many applications in medical and HVAC markets where high accuracy measurements of particularly low differential pressure are required.

The two versions complement the comprehensive product range of Sensirion’s digital differential pressure sensors in the SDP600 series. Along with the other products of this series, they offer a digital I2C output and are fully calibrated and temperature compensated. Thanks to the principle of calorimetric flow measurement, the CMOSens® differential pressure sensors achieve outstanding sensitivity and accuracy, especially around the zero point. Furthermore, the sensors exhibit very high long-term stability and freedom from zero-point drift.