ESCP2-M5: Capacitive Barometric Pressure Sensor -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


ESS European Sensor Systems

ESCP2-M5: Capacitive Barometric Pressure Sensor

European Sensor Systems S.A. (ESS) announces the launch of ESCP2-M5, a MEMS based capacitive barometric pressure sensor with world class resolution, based in ESS's innovative surface micro machining SOI technology. The small footprint of the ESCP2-M5 smd mountable package in combination with programmable power modes, which enable low consumption, makes it ideal for use in portable devices, medical equipments, altimeters, weather stations, navigation systems and every other electrical equipment that demands high resolution/accuracy measurement of the barometric pressure. ESCP2-M5 measures an altitude resolution of 10cm with SPI and I2C interface. The digital output is fully calibrated and temperature compensated, thus the sensor is ready to be installed directly to the end user's system.