ESF Series Bi-Directional Mass Flow Meters -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


ESS European Sensor Systems

ESF Series Bi-Directional Mass Flow Meters

ESF Mass Flow Meters feature bidirectional gas flow sensing of up to ±300 SLPM with an accuracy of ±3% of the measured value. Their wide dynamic range allows this measurement accuracy to be maintained down to ±1 SLPM.
The streamlined symmetrical body design, manufactured from high quality plastic, presents very low pressure drop even at the maximum input flow in both directions.

Optionally ESS’s barometric pressure sensor can be co-integrated providing the user with an accurate absolute pressure measurement of the flowing gas and increasing the final product’s cost savings.
Further to the pressure sensor, the user is provided with a multitude of options (e.g power supply, uni-bi directionality or analogue output) so that the best system for each application can be configured.
Due to the compact design, small footprint and versatility, ESF Mass Flow Meters can either be directly soldered on a PCB or connected via a 2mm locking connector. This makes them ideal for respiratory, insufflator, mixing or other medical equipment where space saving components are of the essence.
With a 3.6V supply voltage, ESF Mass Flow Meters exhibit low power consumption and provide calibrated and temperature compensated output on an SPI or I2C bus making them immediately ready for direct interfacing to modern low voltage MCUs and systems.