ESS European Sensor Systems

ESS113- Ultra Low Power Capacitive Sensor Signal Conditioning IC

The main target of the product is to be capable to interface all kinds of capacitive sensors both of single and differential architecture and it is the ideal signal conditioner for the capacitive pressure sensors and accelerometers developed by ESS.

ESS113 provides a high-resolution output, fully calibrated and temperature compensated based on the internal temperature sensor, which is combined with ultra low power consumption. The calibration coefficients are stored to the on chip memory, while the internal oscillator and regulator eliminate the need for any external components. Different power modes are available, indicatively, the ESS113 can provide more than 15 ENOB with an average current consumption of 5 μA and a peak current of 380 μA during conversion. This ultra low power consumption makes ESS113 ideal for portable and battery operated devices.