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Mode of action of Xeralife products – short introduction

All Xeralife products apply a special material, the so called “earth-plus” technology, which is used to exterminate organic pollutants in the air, in water, on textiles and on solid materials.
Earth-plus is a brand. But what is behind all this?

Earth-plus catches and decomposes all organic pollutants into the harmless fission products water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2), as soon as they get into contact with earth-plus. No organic material can withstand to this reaction in case of a direct contact.

Earth-plus absorbs and eliminates all kinds of influenza, including the potential deadly strains of the avian influenza. Earth-plus prevents the spreading of germs which are ,in the meanwhile, very difficult to treat or not at all treatable by modern medicine, as for example infections caused by MRSA. Also odors and other contaminants as mold and pollen (up to a certain size) will be exterminated.

Earth-plus has been designed and developed to act where other similar materials (e.g. pure UV-light, titanium dioxide (TIO2) no longer function and find their limits.

The strong oxidation capabilities of the photo catalyst TIO2 is well-known for decades. The product has been marketed as PCO (photo-catalytic oxidizers) fort he last 40 years, primarily in Asia. However PCO has a low acceptance on the market, because the technique suffers from the following “disadvantage”: (but it does not affect the effectiveness)

1.It requires UV-light to work effectively.
2.It requires humidity to function (the release of H2O is sufficient
3.It has a very strong reaction to any (organic) surface on which it is applied.

Earth-plus is an important step forward concerning the handling of the photo catalyst TIO2. It is a distinct more effective and more secure organic decontaminator.

1.There is no need for UV-light or sunlight, so that it functions in all kind of areas, and even better in dark, humid and warm environmental conditions – that is an ideal culture medium for organic pollutants as bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi. This fact makes earth-plus exactly there effective where the highest risk exists.
2.Although humidity is preferred (a part of Earth-plus consists of TIO2), it also works in dry environmental conditions e.g. in modern, air-conditioned offices.
3.The application area of earth-plus is wide: whether it is in the air, in the water or on solid materials. On tissues it functions as an ideal substratum for other additives as for example UV protection.
4.It has a long duration of effect (longer than other known methods). On impregnated textiles it can last 50 washes. On impregnated air filters it is active up to 12 months. Underwater, used on anti-algae agents for aquariums it is active up to 18 months. But here it depends on the degree of contamination.


The operation of earth-plus is quite understandable. It contains three active components, which are all constituent parts of natural food quality.

1. Hydroxylapatite
2. titanium dioxide
3. trace silver

Hydroxylapatite is a form of calcium phosphate (Ca5(PO4)3OH). Its function is to adduct organic pollutants and to hold them.

Titanium oxide is a strong oxidizer. After the bonding, a very quick extermination of the ligated organic pollutants is guaranteed.

Trace silver serves as an anode in combination with titanium dioxide and it accelerates the reaction rate.

This ensures a complete decomposition of very heavy contaminations, as a general rule within 2 hours. As soon as the reaction is finished, there will be released carbon dioxide and water to the environment.