European Sensor Systems S.A. Launches ESCP2-002 -- COMPAMED Trade Fair


Theon Sensors S.A.

European Sensor Systems S.A. Launches ESCP2-002

Barometric Capacitive Pressure Sensor
The capacitive pressure sensors are underpinned by ESS’/THEON’s innovative surface micro-machining SOI technology. ESCP2-002 can be used in smartphones/tablets, altimeters, navigation systems and every other electrical equipment that demands high resolution/accuracy measurement of the barometric pressure.

ESCP2-002 is a capacitive barometric pressure sensor with an altitude resolution of 10cm with SPI and I2C interface. The sensor includes a high resolution ΔΣ ADC to digitize the signal. The digital output is fully calibrated and temperature compensated based on the internal temperature sensor and the factory calibration coefficients are stored in the embedded memory. Thus the sensor is ready to be installed directly to the end user system without further processing. A low phase noise oscillator is also integrated, eliminating the need of any external components. Different power modes are available enabling low power operation, while the output rate and thus the conversion speed is programmed allowing the end user to customize/optimize the performance. Special functionalities like alarms are also available. The sensor provides a digital high accuracy 32 Bit pressure and temperature output. Raw analog outputs are also available.

“We are offering a fully calibrated and compensated barometric pressure sensor of high resolution and accuracy, ready to be installed to any system without the need for any additional external components” said MEMS Business Unit Director, Emmanuel Zervakis. “We developed a new generation of capacitive pressure sensors based on the customer needs.

Comparing to piezo-resistive implementations, capacitive pressure sensors provide unbeatable long term stability performance, therefore drifts over time are practically eliminated. Moreover, thermal effects are also minimal and they are even more suppressed, as any other common mode effects, by the novel architecture of our sensors. Additionally with capacitive pressure sensors you don’t have to worry any more for stresses produced by the packaging. ESCP2-002 barometric pressure sensor combines all these advantages of capacitive sensors along with world class resolution. It is the ideal component for any application where high accuracy measurement of the barometric pressure is necessary.

ESS/THEON invites customers to visit the company’s booth (Hall 08a, Booth F29) at COMPAMED 2012 in Dusseldorf, GERMANY to see the product’s live demonstration and discuss the pressure sensors roadmap with the company’s representatives.

1. COMPAMED 2012 is taking place at Dusseldorf-GERMANY, November 14 - 16, 2012.
2. Theon Sensors S.A. will be exhibiting at the COMPAMED 2012 exhibition, Hall 08a, booth F29.
3. To arrange an interview with representatives of ESS/THEON during the show, please contact Vassilis Grammatikakis, on or +30 6932 415 869.
4. For further information on Theon Sensors S.A., please visit

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European Sensors Systems S.A. and its affiliated company THEON Sensors S.A., MEMS Business Units specialize in the development of silicon based modules utilizing micro-electronic technologies. Their prime scope of work is to design, develop and produce flexible and customer specific MEMS modules via standard industrial processes, employed for sophisticated control applications used in the Aerospace, Industrial, Medical and other Consumer Goods markets.