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European Sensor Systems S.A.

European Sensor Systems S.A. launches ESCP2-M2 Series

European Sensors Systems S.A. (ESS) announces the launch of ESCP2-M2 Series a new family of High Accuracy and Stability media isolated absolute pressure sensors. ESCP2-M2 Series is a family of silicon capacitive MEMS based pressure sensors with high accuracy of better than ±0.05%FS and excellent long term stability better than ±0.1%FS in a media isolated industrial package. The MEMS capacitive pressure sensor dies are underpinned by ESS’s proprietary micro-fabrication process. ESCP2-M2 can be used in any application that demands high accuracy and reliability measurement of pressure.

ESCP2-M2 absolute pressure sensors have digital output, I2C and SPI as standard, but can also accommodate other communication protocols such as RS232 and CAN as well as digital communication interfaces based on customer specifications. The sensors are packaged in the standard Ø18 stainless steel capsule but custom packages with smaller form factor and flash diaphragm are available upon request. ESCP2-M2 sensors made out of Titanium alloys are also available, which are ideal for applications with extremely harsh/corrosive environments but also for medical applications since Titanium is biologically and chemically neutral. Various pressure ranges of 1 bar up to 1000 bar are available.

“We developed a new family of high accuracy and excellent long term stability pressure sensors based on our innovative ESS’s proprietary micro-fabrication process” said ESS General Director, Emmanuel Zervakis. “Following the market requirements for higher level of performance, we developed ESCP2-M2 Series with total accuracy better than ±0.05%FS and world class stability setting new standards in pressure measurements. This outstanding performance is feasible due to our superior MEMS capacitive pressure sensor technology, compared to the piezoresistive ones. Various options are available including digital interfaces, wetted materials, capsule sizes and of course a variety of pressure ranges, thus we can cover a wide set of applications, where high accuracy measurements of pressure are crucial”.