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European Sensor Systems S.A.

European Sensor Systems S.A. launches ESF Series

European Sensors Systems S.A. (ESS) announces the launch of ESF Series, a family of MEMS based Digital Mass Flow Meters, which are the latest additions to the existing range of ESS’s flow sensors. The ESF Series are bidirectional Flow Meters, with optional co-integration of ESS’s pressure sensors for monitoring the pressure of the medium, a feature that enables cost and space savings while providing added value. The ESF Series of Digital Flow Meters can be used in medical, industrial, HVAC, Process control applications and any other application where high accuracy flow measurement is critical.

ESF Flow Meters feature bidirectional gas flow sensing with a maximum range of ±200SLPM. Repeatability and accuracy are kept constant throughout the entire dynamic range. The resolution is excellent and better than ±1SLPM at the maximum flow of 200SLPM. The pressure drop across the Flow Meter is kept very low, to less than 8mbar at 200SLPM, making the meter ideal for respiratory applications. The calibrated and temperature compensated digital output is available either at an SPI or I2C digital interface with an update rate of 1.5msec. The meter is powered by a single 3.3V supply, enabling low voltage operation and easy integration and interface with modern microcontroller systems. ESS’s capacitive pressure sensors can be optionally co-integrated within ESF Flow Meters, thus providing an accurate measurement of the flowing gas pressure.

“We developed a new family of Digital Flow Meters and co-integrated it with our innovative ESS’s pressure sensors, thus developing a combo sensor” said ESS General Director, Emmanuel Zervakis. “Following the market requirements for higher level of performance and miniaturization of sensors within the same package, we developed ESF Series which is the next generation of Compact Flow Meters. ESF Series Flow Meters are ideal for a wide range of applications and can be easily integrated to any equipment or device, where high accuracy measurements of flow & pressure are crucial”.