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Schwarzer Precision GmbH + Co. KG

Extended service life thanks to Schwarzer pumps

Extreme operating conditions common in the fields of analytics, diagnostics and biotechnology require components that function reliably around the clock for many years.
These scientific instruments are equipped with micro pumps which ensure the dynamic delivery of gases and fluids for many end-user applications. By adapting valve, diaphragm and motor technologies, the pumps can be adapted to the meet the special requirements of continuous operation.
The Schwarzer eccentric diaphragm pumps (Series SP 200 EC, SP 500 EC, SP 600 EC and SP 700 EC) not only are equipped with a number of long-life and resistant elastomers choices, but also with a variety of motor options.
For applications requiring a extremely long service life, Schwarzer recommends their high-quality double ball bearing skew wound or brush-less dc motors.